BLH Series of DTH Hammers and Bits

Down The Hole Tooling



Our new DTH Hammer line delivers productivity in the ground with the quality and reliability you trust from Boart Longyear.


The innovative BLH5 Hammer utilizes a compact form but delivers high frequency striking power to the rock with low vibration to the drill string. This balanced approach delivers higher penetration rates and lower total drilling costs.


DTH Bits

Five Reasons BLH Series DTH Products are Better

  1. PREMIUM STEEL: Body and splines constructed of hardened alloy steel for high durability and reliability.
  2. PREMIUM TUNGSTEN CARBIDE BUTTONS: Optimized in size and shape for exceptional penetration rates and durability.
  3. VARIOUS SPLINE CONFIGURATIONS: Several spline configurations are offered to fit popular industry DTH hammers.
  4. MULTIPLE FACE DESIGNS: Flat, recessed, and dome face designs are offered, supporting various ground conditions for improved productivity.
  5. OPTIMIZED FLUSHING HOLES: Multiple flushing holes, quantities, and locations are offered for improved chip removal and efficient operation.

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BLH3 Hammer


The BLH3 Hammer Series features a high efficiency and tunable valved air cycle to optimize performance on your compressor. A heat resistant steel valve keeps on working even in the most demanding quarry and mining applications. The BLH3 hammers are available in sizes from 3 1/2 inches to 20 inches with industry standard shank configurations.

BLH5 Hammer


The BLH5 hammer series is the cutting edge of rock drilling and technology offering high performance, outstanding reliability, simplicity, and low operating cost. The BLH5 hammer’s advanced design balances the piston and bit and transfers more energy into the face of the rock and less into the drill string and rig.

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