Australasian Drilling | Boart Displays Sonic Boon

June/July 2016—Boart Longyear, a leader in sonic drilling innovation, recently hosted drilling contractor representatives for a demonstration of the new LS250 MiniSonic™ at Boart Longyear’s test site in the Adelaide Hills.

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World Coal | Know the Drill

June 2016—Chris Lambert, Boart Longyear, USA, explains how to increase the productivity of diamond drilling in coal mining. Coal exploration often presents significant drilling challenges due to the variety of ground conditions encountered.

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Engineering & Mining Journal | Recognizing the Root of Rod Failure

May 2016—Questions and claims frequently arise around rod failures. Drillers often believe it’s a flaw in steel. Drill string original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) understand, but they have proven the flaws are induced during the drilling process rather than the manufacturing process. By knowing what to look for and properly managing the drill rod as equipment instead of consumables, drillers could reduce downtime related to rod failures.

Read Article › | Boart Longyear sees opportunity for product diversification in Europe

May 9, 2016—Mining equipment manufacturers have been feeling the pain of the commodities price lull for the past five years, but it is the lean times that usually foster a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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National Driller | With Superior Cores, Sonic Drilling Resonates Across Industries

May 1, 2016 —From tailing piles at remote mine sites to a contaminated site in a congested urban district, sonic drilling is becoming the method of choice for a variety of challenges.

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Australasian Drilling | TruCore

April/May 2016—Boart Longyear’s TruCore makes core orientation easier and safer.

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National Driller | Boart Longyear Discusses Sonic Tooling at Bauma 2016

April 21, 2016 —The drilling equipment and service company was among thousands of exhibitors at the world’s largest construction tradeshow.

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Australian Mining | When It Comes Down to the Wire

April 2016 —Drilling for the mining sector presents a number of unique challenges not typically faced in other industries. These challenges are multiplied when it goes underground.

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Industrial Minerals | Boart Longyear: Drilling through the downturn

April 2016 — As the mining industry continues to struggle through an abnormally prolonged downcycle, Kasia Patel, North American Editor, speaks with equipment manufacturer Boart Longyear about how the company is shielding its business from the worst effects of the market trough.

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GeoDrilling International | GeoSonic Drilling has invested in a new Boart Longyear LS250 MiniSonic rig

April 2016 — Sonic drilling proves it’s not ‘black magic’, writes Pascal Lefevre

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