Drilling Services

With over 125 years of drilling experience, our Drilling Services business is equipped for all types of drilling, including surface and underground coring, multipurpose, reverse circulation, conventional air/mud rotary, flooded reverse, directional, sonic, and percussive production drilling. Always leading the way, our teams are constantly developing tomorrow’s solutions and applying emerging technologies to the services we provide our customers. Our competitive strengths include:

  • Global reach and longstanding relationships with our customer base
  • Developing equipment and tooling to enhance drilling productivity
  • Full suite of drilling services technology
  • Industry-leading safety and training programs

Our Drilling Services division operates in more than 40 countries across North America, South America, Asia, the Pacific Rim, Europe, Middle East, and Africa, and we have an international network of more than 50 zone locations that maintain and mobilize equipment close to key geographic markets.

  • Mining and Minerals
    • We are the leading drilling services provider for the exploration, development and production of copper, gold, iron ore, nickel and other metals and minerals. The rock core chips and samples we extract provide mining companies with critical information over the life of a mining project, from exploration through closure of the mine.
  • Safety
    • Boart Longyear operates with safety standards, programs and processes that enable drillers to maximize their productivity without compromising their well-being and health, while delivering successful results to the client.
  • Expertise
    • With experience in virtually every major global market, Boart Longyear accommodates specific needs for any application, quickly mobilizing equipment and crews worldwide.
  • Reliability
    • A global network of service and repair facilities provides the infrastructure and experienced personnel to customize each rig for optimal performance. Trained employees and a modern fleet of drill rigs protect the safety of all employees every day, everywhere, on every job.
  • Innovation
    • Boart Longyear designs and manufactures much of the equipment that our drilling teams use, bringing our job sites world-class equipment and tooling designed with the experience gained year after year by our teams in the field. We are dedicated to understanding and exceeding our customers production, cost, safety and environmental goals. Our drilling services solutions are based upon proven and time-tested processes that have been perfected in the widest variety of drilling applications around the globe. Our customers know we deliver performance that they can count on.