Mining Production and Development

After an ore body has been identified, mining development and production can begin. In these phases, excavation of waste rock and ore retrieval are the main components utilizing drill holes and explosives to break the ground for removal.

Boart Longyear™ offers an innovative range of equipment and tooling for mining development and production. Providing reliable, high performance drilling with economical maintenance costs, our revolutionary StopeMate™ and StopeMaster™ drills can navigate confined spaces, yet provide accurate and productive drilling.

Drilling Equipment, Drilling Services & Performance Tooling serving the mining production and development market:

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Long Hole Drill and Blast
Long hole drill and blast aids in forming tunnels and breaking up ore deposits.

Drop and Inverse Raises
Common uses are transportation of ore and waste rock, ventilation, creating free space for mining or transportation.

Dewatering and Pump
Specializing in both above and below ground dewatering systems.

Methane Vent
Venting methane from mines for safe advancement.

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