Environmental Sustainability

Boart Longyear operates and has employees in over 40 countries. We are dedicated to promoting the well-being and development of our diverse employees and communities in which we are present. We believe our support of those communities can best be accomplished through a variety of means, including training and hiring locals, financial contributions, in-kind drilling services, coordination of volunteer services by our employees, and limiting the environmental impact of our operations.


One of Boart Longyear’s core values is “Mutual Trust and Respect.” We recognize that our people are our most important asset and understand that the best ideas develop as a result of collaborative efforts between individuals with diverse backgrounds, opinions, and perspectives. In support of this core value, we need to recruit, develop, and retain a talented, diverse, and motivated workforce that both shares our values and is representative of the many communities in which we work around the world.


Boart Longyear’s charitable giving philosophy is to align company support with our employees’ and regional operations’ charitable interests by gathering feedback directly from them and targeting projects and charitable programs in which they actively participate. Use our Charitable Giving Donation Application to request a donation.

Boart Longyear targets projects that have clear objectives and outcomes, and promote the following:

  • Education and Opportunities for Children
    • Programs and opportunities that assist young people to develop marketable skills and competencies, particularly in the areas of engineering, science, and technology.
  • Health and Preventive Care
    • Programs that improve the health and safety of our employees, their families and their communities by improving access to critical resources and addressing endemic illnesses, including providing access to clean water sources and supporting the development of malaria vaccinations and treatments.

Click here for examples of projects that Boart Longyear has participated in globally.


Boart Longyear is committed to limiting the environmental impact of our drilling services and manufacturing operations. We remain globally focused on the following areas:

  • Air impacts
  • Energy and water conservation
  • Waste and hazardous materials minimization

Our goal is to not only ensure compliance with host country regulations, but to exceed the expectations of our clients, host governments, and stakeholders, as well as set the standard for others in our industry. We are proud to be ISO 14001 certified for all global operations and facilities.

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