MARKETS: Mining, Environmental

    A multipurpose geotechnical rig capable of wireline and conventional coring, DTH, rotary and auger drilling methods.

    • Multipurpose drilling capabilities and uses
    • Hydraulic mast raising
    • Integrated control panel
    • Optional automatic SPT hammer for testing and sampling
    • Wide range of available options

    LX™4 Features

    1. Powerful Steel Crawlers

    Ensure mobility on difficult terrain.

    2. 500 mm Mast Dump

    For improved positioning on rough terrain. Hydraulic mast raising for increased mobility.

    3. Standard Hydraulic Slide Shift

    For easy rod-pulling and clear access to center line.

    4. 220 mm Double Clamp

    For making and breaking rod joints quickly and safely.

    Standard Safety Features

    Safety cage and low speed, low torque rotation for safe rod management.

    Prime Mover

    StandardDEUTZ D914L04 air cooled engine, COM lll
    No. of Cylinders4
    Swept Volume4.31 l263 cu. in
    Power53 KW @ 2300 rpm71 hp @ 2300 rpm
    Fuel Tank Capacity60 l16 gal
    Specific Fuel Consumption225 g/kWh
    Standard engine for work up to1000 m @ 30 degrees C 1700 m @ 0° C without power loss

    Prime Mover for Higher Temperature or Elevations

    StandardDEUTZ BF4L914 air cooled engine, COM ll
    No. of Cylinders4, turbocharged
    Swept Volume4.31 l263 cu. in
    Power72,4 KW @ 2300 rpm97 hp @ 2300 rpm
    Fuel Tank Capacity60 l16 gal
    Specific Fuel Consumption223 g/kWh
    Maximum Altitude without power loss53kW - 1000 m @ 60° C, 2000 m @ 50° C, 3000 m @ 35° C, 4000 m @ 25° C, 5000 m @ 10° C

    Rotary Head DD52

    Low Gear4890-977 Nm / 48-25 rpm3606-720 lb-ft / 48-250 rpm
    High Gear1859-371 Nm / 140-740 rpm1371-273 lb-ft / 140-740 rpm
    Bore - Inside Diameter62 mm2.44 in
    Flushing Head - Inside Diameter22 mm0.87 in
    Rotation MotorsDanfoss - variable / reversible with pressure remote
    Top Drive Flange2 3/8” API Reg PIN
    Floating spindle and flushing head included
    Hydraulic motor at max/min displacement, diesel engine at 2200 rpm
    Gear Ratio - 1st 7.68 : 1
    Gear Ratio - 2nd2.92 : 1
    Rotary Head Carriage with side shift

    Hydraulic System

    Primary PumpParker bent axis, fixed displacement
    Maximum Flow66 lpm @ 2,200 rpm17.5 gpm @ 2,200 rpm
    Maximum Pressure250 bar3,626 psi
    Secondary Pump A11VO75Cassappa gear pump
    Maximum Flow59 lpm @ 2,200 rpm15.5 gpm @ 2,200 rpm
    Maximum Flow (2nd)48 lpm @ 2,200 rpm12.5 gpm @ 2,200 rpm
    Maximum Pressure175 bar2,538 psi hp
    Oil Tank Capacity200 l53 gal

    Drill Mast and Feed System

    Feed Stroke4000 mm13.2 ft
    Feed SpeedNormal / fast
    Up21/48 m/min69/157 ft/ min
    Down34/75 m/min111/246 ft/min
    Pull down force25 kN5620 lbf
    Pull Back Force38 kN8550 lbf
    Drilling Inclination45° off horizontal to 90° vertical down
    Mast Dump500 mm1.6 ft
    Max. Rod Length3000 mm9.84 ft

    Main Winch SH220

    Line Pull20 kN4500 lbf
    Line Speed44 m/min114 ft/min
    Cable Length, 12 mm30 m98.4 ft

    Rod Clamps

    Maximum Diameter220 mm8.6 in
    Maximum Clamping Capacity175 kN4,500 lbf
    Maximum Breaking Torque20,5 kNm15,120 lb ft


    Forward Rotation
    Chuck Speed1,330 RPM continuously variable. Speeds will vary with oil type and temperature are only approximate
    Chuck torque output371 N-m @ 1,250 RPM272 lb-ft @ 1,250 RPM
    1,030 N-m @ 500 RPM757 lb-ft @ 500 RPM
    Reverse Rotation
    Chuck Speed100 RPM, Fixed to help prevent rod thread damage
    Chuck torque output3,770 Nm with break-out device @ 28.5 MPa2,780 lb-ft with break-out device @ 28.5 MPa

    Mast Extension for Longer Rod Pull

    Maximum Rod Pull2 x 3 m (6 m)19.7 ft
    Fitted onto Standard Mast to Pull 6 m Rod
    Rod Storage30 pieces of 76 mm (3 in) rods
    Towing Hook on Rear of Rig
    Air Connection on Rear of Rig for DTH Compressor

    Mud Pumps

    Mud Pump DP100
    Continuous Flow90 l/min23.7 gpm
    Maximum Flow100 l/min26.4 gpm
    Pressure30 bar435 psi
    Mud Pump DP200
    Continuous Flow160 l/min42 gpm
    Maximum Flow180-200 l/min47-53 gpm
    Pressure30 bar435 psi
    Flushing Head with 42mm ID included

    Standard Penetration Test (SPT) Auto Hammer

    Impact Rate1-30 bpm
    Travel Length762 mm30 in
    Hammer Weight Brazil63,5 kg140 lb

    Centralizer - Rod Guide

    Exchangeable Inserts for Rods56, 76, 89, 114, 127, 140, 168, 193, 220 mm (Choose required sizes)

    Oil Line Lubricator For DTH Drilling

    Oil Tank Capacity20 l5.3 gal

    High Temperature Oil Cooler

    Upgraded Oil Cooler For Ambient Temperatures Over 35°C (95°F)

    Night Lights

    No. of Pieces4

    Jaw Body for Clamp and Break Out for Coring

    Jaw Plates For CoringBQ™ / BW
    (Choose Required Sizes)NQ™/NW

    Mist Pump (for dust suppression)

    Flow30 l/min8 gpm
    Pressure200 bar2,900 psi


    Auxiliary Work Vice180 mm wide, 220 mm long, 120 mm deep clamp, rotating mounting base and separate rod support work bracket
    Remote ControlRadio remote control for driving
    Auxiliary Diesel Filling PumpElectric powered diesel filling pump
    Instrument Vandal CoversLockable covers for control panels and instruments
    Rubber Crawler PadsFull set (76 pcs)
    Tool BoxWith necessary set of tools for basic maintenance and lubrication
    Environmental Oil In Hydraulic System