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Boart Longyear Financial Services

New financing options let you acquire the Boart Longyear drilling equipment you need.

You can now obtain the reliable Boart Longyear drilling equipment you need while staying on budget and on schedule, wherever you drill. Boart Longyear Financial Services offers qualifying customers competitive financing solutions for Boart Longyear mineral exploration drilling equipment on a global basis. All Boart Longyear drilling capital equipment technologies are available for financing from Boart Longyear Financial Services: multi-purpose, production, reverse circulation, rotary, sonic, and surface and underground coring.

The big advantage: by financing through Boart Longyear Financial Services, you can now align your costs with your revenue by spreading out the payments over time instead of paying upfront, resulting in superior cash management for your business.

“Boart Longyear Financial Services gives many customers the option to finance drilling equipment, as opposed to an outright purchase, resulting in better working capital options to further growth.”

Alan Sides
Boart Longyear Vice President, Products

How Boart Longyear Financial Services Serves You

The experienced Financial Services Team of Doug Slais and Nella Schwartz will listen to your equipment financing needs and provide a customized financing offer that specifically meets your needs – for each Boart LongyearTM drilling platform you want to acquire. We perform a detailed, independent, and objective credit analysis to qualify your business. Then, we source the capital and complete the transaction. We also make the documentation process as fast and simple as possible.

Flexible Financing Options

Equipment financing through Boart Longyear Financial Services offers flexible choices that achieve the diverse objectives of most drilling businesses. Our financing options include:

  • Equipment loan: the lender finances the acquisition of equipment by the borrower with the borrower’s commitment of repayment of principal and interest via installments, usually with a secured interest in the equipment financed. This may also be called “straight financing” or “purchase financing” that facilitates ownership of the equipment by the borrower.
  • Equipment lease: An equipment lease typically refers to an arrangement where one party who owns or controls equipment, called the lessor, transfers possession and the use of that equipment for a period of time to another party, called the lessee, in exchange for the payment by the lessee to lessor of periodic rentals (i.e., monthly, quarterly or semi-annually). This may also be called “operating leasing” that facilitates “purchase or return” flexibility for the lessee.

Benefits of Financing Boart Longyear Minerals Exploration Equipment:

  • Working Capital: Preserve cash and bank credit lines and optimize cash flow with limited upfront cash outlay
  • Acquire More: Increase your purchasing power to acquire all the Boart Longyear equipment you need now (drilling platforms, tubes, pipes, bits – whatever you need to be successful)
  • Cash Flow: Improve your project payback metrics by spreading payments over time to match revenues generated from drilling activities

Why Drilling Companies Use Equipment Financing:
Minerals exploration businesses that finance drilling equipment range from large global drilling services companies to independent local contract drillers. Diverse as these companies are, each one has the same fundamental need: the efficient allocation of capital for the use of plant and equipment to run their businesses. Boart Longyear Financial Services helps customers of all types secure competitive financing for the world’s leading mineral exploration drilling technologies. Let us serve your equipment financing needs.

Obtain Financing Now

Boart Longyear Financial Services’ financing solutions are available to customers in the USA, Canada and Chile. Financing will soon become available in Australia and the rest of the world. Check with your local Boart Longyear representative for more details.

For more information on financing options from Boart Longyear Financial Services, please contact:

Brock Hancock