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The DB™95 is a compact, lightweight, high production anchor drill rig capable of taking on the most demanding projects. Featuring our patented Masterlink™ mast articulation system, this 105 kW diesel engine with load-sensing hydraulics offers 7 tons of pull back capacity and handles drifters or rotary heads with up to 24000 Nm of torque or double head systems rotary/top hammer. The high degree of mast articulation, combined with an independently oscillating radio remote pendulum crawler, and no need for stabilization jacks allows for quick mobilization on-site.

  • Compact, lightweight design
  • 7 ton pull back capacity
  • Advanced load-sensing power pack
  • Patented mast articulation
  • High feed and retract speeds


MasterLink™ Articulation System

Maintains mast angle while changing height.

Pendulum Crawlers

Stabilization jacks not required resulting in fast mobilization hole to hole on site over rugged terrain.

Optional Breakout Clamps

Distributes clamping force, reducing wear on tooling.

Feed Balancing System

For accurate control of weight on bit (not pictured)

Large Diesel Tank

Allows 10 to 18 hours of continuous operation. (not pictured)

Extensive Mast Kinematics

Allows fast and accurate mast positioning. Powerful 105 kW diesel engine.

Advanced Load-Sensing Hydraulics

Limits hydraulic system heat build-up. (not pictured)

Easy Maintenance

Quick access to main hydraulic and engine components.

Prime Mover

StandardDEUTZ TCD 2013 L04 2V, Tier III
Fuel Consumptionca. 23 l/hca. 6.1 gal/h
Maximum Power105 kW @ 2.300 rpm141 hp @ 2,300 rpm
Electrical Circuit24V
Fuel Tank Capacity230 l52 gal

Hydraulic System

Primary PumpAxial piston pump with power regulator, load sensing and pressure regulated
Maximum Flow, Q1300 lpm80 gpm
Maximum Pressure400 bar5,800 psi
Auxiliary Pumps2x Gear Pump
Flow, Q240 lpm9 gpm
Flow, Q325 lpm5.7 gpm
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity320 l72 gal
Oil Cooler Capacity25 kW33 hp

Single Rotary Head

Maximum Torque
(varies by head selection)
15 kNm11,000 lb-ft
Optional Side Shift SledHydraulic shift to left

Single Hydraulic Drifter

Maximum Torque
(varies by head selection)
15 kNm11,000 lb-ft
Maximum Percussion Impact500 Nm369 lbf-ft
Optional Side Shift SledHydraulic shift to left

Double Rotary Head

Maximum Torque
(varies by head selection)
15 kNm11,000 lb-ft
Optional Side Shift SledHydraulic shift to left


Crawler Width400 mm15.7 in
Crawler Track TypeSteel, 3 rib grouser plate
Driving Speed2.5 km/h1.55 mph
Maximum Grade+B15 (without winch)20º

Machine Controls

Drilling ControlsDirect hydraulic, adjustable driller panel
Drilling Controls - OptionalRadio remote control
Drilling Control Panel2 point positioning adjustment
Driving ControlsRadio Remote Control - Standard
Mast Hydraulic Hose BundleMounted on left side of mast

Drill Mast and Feed System

Drill Mast Feed MethodHydraulic Feed Cylinder
Drill Mast Total Length5.2 m17.1 ft
Feed Stroke Length - Single Head3.6 m11.8 ft
Feed Stroke Length - Double Head2.5 m8.2 ft
Feed Speed - Down15 m/min49 ft/min
Feed Speed - Up12 m/min39 ft/min
Fast Feed Speed - Up40 m/min131 ft/min
Fast Feed Speed - Down50 m/min164 ft/min
Pull Down Force (Crowd)3000 Kg6600 lbs
Pull Back Force7000 Kg15,430 lbs
Mast Dump1.2 m6.5 ft
Maximum rod length - Single Head3 m10 ft
Maximum rod length - Double Head2 m6.5 ft
Break-out-torque, maximum torque28 kNm20,900 lb-ft
Centralizer Insert Size (Standard)76, 89, 102, 108, 114, 133, (152), 178, 220, 254 mm
3, 3.5, 4, 4.25, 4.5, 5.25, (6), 7, 8.67, 10 in


Dry Weight =
10.000 kg (22,000 lb)
Consisting of:
DEUTZ TCD 2013 L04 2V
power unit group 6 cylinder
Hydraulic module
24 V DC electrical system
Variable piston pump with load sensing and torque control
Clamping and breaking device for max. ø254 mm casing
Rotary head / hydraulic drifter / double head drilling unit
Climbing capacity, without add. winch
Grade ability 37%, approx. 20°
Electric operator controls
Towing coupling on rig end

Optional Accessories

Night Lights3 pcs x 55 Watts
Rubber Crawler PadsFull set of 44 pcs
Tool BoxIncludes all necessary tools for basic maintenance and lubrication

Rod Clamping/Breaking Systems

220 mm Fixed Jaw System
Max. Clamp Diameter220 mm8.6 in
Clamping Range50 mm - 220 mm1.9 in - 8.6 in
Max. Holding Force120 kN27,000 lb
Max. Break Out Torque21 kNm15,100 lb-ft
Clamp Jaw StyleFixedFixed
254 mm Pivoting Jaw System
Max. Clamp Diameter254 mm10 in
Clamping Range60 mm - 254 mm2.4 in - 10 in
Max. Holding Force196 kN44,000 lb
Max. Break Out Torque32 kNm23,000 lb-ft
Clamp Jaw StylePivoting JawsPivoting Jaws
265 mm Fixed Jaw System
Max. Clamp Diameter265 mm10.4 in
Clamping Range60 mm - 265 mm2.4 - 10.4 in
Max. Holding Force120 kN27,000 lb
Max. Break Out Torque24 kNm17,700 lb-ft
Clamp Jaw StyleFixedFixed
Centralizer Insert Size (Standard)76, 89, 102, 108, 114, 133, (152), 178, 220, 254, 265 mm3, 3.5, 4, 4.25, 4.5, 5.26, (6), 7, 8.67, 10, 10.4 in

Water Pump

Gamma Pump 202 TS
Flow200 l/min52 gpm
Pressure50 bar725 psi
Suction hose connection on rig1 1/2" G female1 1/2" G female
HPW 200/30 Mist Pump
Flow30 l/min8 gpm
Pressure200 bar2,900 psi

Winch and Cat Head

Winch typePL2
Maximum pull on inner layer9 kN2,000 lbf
Line speed50 m/min164 f/min
Cable diameter8 mm0.31 in
Cable length40 m131 ft
Winch Cat Head Pully SystemFixed position
Winch Cat Head Pully System
Manually Rotation +/- 45°

Oil Line Lubricator for DTH Drilling

Oil Tank Capacity20 l5.3 gal
Operating Pressure25 bar363 psi

High Pressure Washer

High Pressure Washer TypeDynaset HPW 200 / 30
Tank Capacity30 l/min8 gal/min
Max. Pressure200 bar2900 psi

Loading Crane

Loading Force2,7 mto19,500 lb-ft
Loading Reach5.700 mm18.7 ft

Cold Weather Package

Engine and Hydraulics Pre-HeatingFor operating conditions below -15° C (5° F)