MARKETS: Mining, Environmental

Our most powerful geotechnical drill rig, the LX10 (DB540) is capable of both wireline and conventional coring, as well as DTH, rotary and auger drilling methods with torque up to 10000 Nm, rotary speeds up to 800 rpm, and 15 tons of pull back. The rig is equipped to handle double head rotary drilling for geothermal work, and a standard 147 kW load-sensing power pack ensures power availability when it is needed.

  • Multi-purpose drilling capabilities and uses
  • Hydraulic mast raising
  • 15 ton pull back
  • Advanced load-sensing power pack
  • Optional rotary head with rod-assist system
  • Optional automatic SPT hammer for testing and sampling
  • Wide range of available options

LX™10 Features

1. Powerful Steel Crawlers

Ensure mobility on difficult terrain.

2. 1,000 mm Mast Dump

For improved positioning on rough terrain

3. Standard Hydraulic Side Shift

For easy rod-pulling and clear access to center line

4. 305 mm Double Clamp

For making and breaking rod joints quickly

5. Hydraulic Mast Raising

For increased mobility

Standard Safety Features

Safety cage, low speed and low torque rotation for safe rod management











Drilling Depth Guidelines

Core Drilling
NQ955 m3,130 ft
HQ800 m2,620 ft
PQ580 m1,900 ft
Rotary Drilling (Tricone)
Hole diameter 216 mm (8.5 in)280 m920 ft
Auger Drilling
Maximum hollow stern ID209 mm8 1/4 in
DTH Drilling Package
Maximum size DTH hammer275 mm (11 in) @max 66m3 / min @ max 17 bar
Maximum depth capacity200 m656 ft
Recommended hole size305 mm12 in
Maximum hole size406 mm16 in
Recommended rod size6 5/8 API6 5/8 API
*The drilling depth guidelines have been calculated based upon the pullback of the drill. Actual drilling capacity will depend on in-hole tools, conditions, drilling technique and equipment used.

Prime Mover

Standard UnitDeutz TCD2012L062V liquid cooled engine, com III
No. of Cylinders6
Swept Volume7146 ccm436 cubic in
Power147 kW @ 2300 rpm197 hp @ 2300 rpm
Torque702 Nm500 lbf-ft
Fuel Tank Capacity200 l53 g
Specific fuel comsumption200 g/kWh
Battery Voltage24V

Rotary Head DD54

Hydraulic Motor
1st gear 80 - 400 rpm10120 - 2025 Nm7468 - 1494 lb-ft
2nd gear 110 - 550 rpm4330 - 860 Nm3195 - 634 lb-ft
Rotation MotoRexroth hydraulic motor -variable / reversible with pressure remote
Mechanical Transmission2 speed
Gear Ratio - 1st10.18:1
Gear Ratio - 2nd4.36:1
Bore I.D.100 mm4 in
Floating Spindle I.D.42 mm1.65 in
Floating Spindle - Stroke125 mm5 in
Drive Flange2 3/8” API or 2 7/8”
Head carriage with hydraulic side shift
Optional rod handling assist system available
*The drilling depth guidelines have been calculated based upon the pullback of the drill. Actual drilling capacity will depend on in-hole tools, conditions, drilling technique and equipment used.

Rotary Head HY77

Max. Torque
1st Gear 0 - 50 rpm10000 Nm7375 lbf
2nd Gear 0 - 120 rpm5600 Nm4130 lbf
3rd Gear 0 - 800 rpm745 Nm550 lbf
Rotation MotorDanfoss Variable Motors
Gear Ratio5.19:1
Bore I.D.100 mm4 in
Top Drive Flange2 7/8” API Reg Box
Head carriage with hydraulic Side Shift and front tip out
Head includes Break-O-Matic system for additional torque when breaking rods

Double Rotary Head XRH - 21 / XRH2 - 10TS

Casing Head XRH3 - 21 3 speed
Max. Torque
1st Gear21 kNm15,500 ft-lbf
2nd Gear14 kNm10,325 ft-lbf; 5,170 ft-lbf
3rd Gear7 kNm413 ft-lbf
Inner Rod Head XRH2 - 10TS 2 Speed
Max. Torque
1st gear10 kNm7,400 ft-lbf
2nd gear5 kNm3,700 ft-lbf
Electrically controlled, hydraulically shifting for each gear
Double head carriage with hydraulic side shift
All additional head tooling available (Flushing head, shock absorber, adapter flanges, etc)

Hydraulic System

Primary Pump A10VO60Rexroth bent axis, variable displacement
Maximum Flow120 lpm @ 2200 rpm31.7 gpm @ 2200 rpm
Maximum Pressure20 MPa2,900 psi
Secondary Pump A11VO75Rexroth bent axis, variable displacement
Maximum Flow (1st)150 lpm @ 2200 rpm38.1 gpm @ 2200 rpm
Maximum Flow (2nd)150 lpm @ 2200 rpm38.1 gpm @ 2200 rpm
Maximum Pressure (1st)25 MPa3,625 psi
Maximum Pressure (2nd)25 MPa3,625 psi
Oil Tank Capacity600 l158 gal

Drill Mast and Feed System with Feed Cylinder

Total Length7,25 m24 ft
Feed Stroke4,0 m13.2 ft
Feed SpeedNormal / fast
Up7 / 22 m/min23 / 72 ft/ min
Down11/ 32 m/min36 / 104 ft/min
Pull down100 kN22,480 lbf
Pull Back150 kN33,700 lbf
Mast Dump1000 mm3.3 ft
Drilling Inclination45° off horizontal to 90° vertical down


TypeCrawler mounted with steel tracks
Max. Driving Speed1,7 km/hr1.1 mph
Axis Distance2,530 mm100 in
Max. Ground Pressure0,066 MPa0.96 psi
Width of Track Shoe500 mm19.7 in
Climbing Capacity60% (approx. 30°)


Operational Weight = 16500 kg (36376 lb)Consisting of:
Diesel Power Unit Group DEUTZ TCD2012, 7.15 litre, 6 cylinder
Hydraulic Module
Main Hoist c/w Cable S45V
Hydraulic Mast Raising (Independent)
Lower Mast Assembly
Rotation Unit Group DD54
Crawler Frame
Levelling Jacks (Hydraulic)
Operator Controls
Foot Clamp and Breaking Clamp

Additional Included Equipment

Hydraulic Leveling Jacks4 pcs
Night Lights5 pcs
Towing HookRear of rig
Fixed Rod Storage Rack
Hydraulic Mast Raising Cylinders
Safety Guarding and Emergency Stop Switches

Rod Clamp 305 mm (12”)

Maximum Clamping Diameter305 mm12 in
Maximum Clamping Force330 kN75,000 lbf
Maximum Breaking Torque30 kNm22,140 lbf-ft

Rod Clamp 406 mm (16”)

Maximum Clamping Diameter406 mm16 in
Maximum Clamping Force400 kN90,000 lbf
Maximum Breaking Torque44 kNm31,200 lft-ft

Main Hoist S45V

Line Pull57 kN12,800 lbft
Rope Speed @ 50 lpm50 m/min164 ft/min
For Cable Ø18 mm (0.7 in)50 m164 ft

Support PL5 Hoist

Line Pull19 kN4271 lbf
Rope Speed @ 59 lpm35 m/min115 ft/min
Cable Ø12mm (0.47 in)38 m125 ft

Support PL2 Hoist

Line Pull9 kN2023 lbf
Rope Speed @ 50 lpm30 m/min98 ft/min
Cable Ø8mm (0.32 in)40 m131 ft

Wireline Hoist WL54

Line Pull6,5 kN1461 lbf
Line Speed @ 50 lpm100 m/min328 ft/min
CableØ6mm (0.24 in)350 m1150 ft

Wireline Hoist WL100

Line Pull - Bare Drum933 kg2190 lbf
Line Pull - Full Drum288 kg502 lbf
Line Speed - Bare Drum145 m/min475 ft/min
Line Speed - Full Drum433 m/min1422 ft/min
Cable Ø4.8mm (0.19 in)1000 m3280 ft

Mud Pump Type FMC W1122BCD

Working Pressure50 bar725 psi
Continuous Delivery72 l/min19.0 gal/min
Maximum Delivery130 l/min34.3 gal/min

Mud Pump Gardner Denver FG-FGX

Working Pressure21 bar305 psi
Maximum Flow600 l/min158 gal/min

Combi Block Mud Pump Group CB80-250

Working Pressure10 bar145 psi
Maximum Flow2500 l/min660 gal/min

Mud Pump Deltapump 200

Working Pressure30 bar435 psi
Maximum Flow200 l/min53 gal/min

Oil Line Lubricator For DTH-Drilling

Oil Tank Capacity20 l5.3 gal
Operating Pressure25 bar363 psi

High Pressure Mist Washdown Pump - HPW 200/30

Flow30 l/min8 gal/min
Operating Pressure200 bar2900 psi

ODEX Dust Deflector - Mounts Under Drill Mast

Diameter305 mm12 in


Includes all basic tools for rig maintenance and lubrication

Welding Generator With Auxillary Power

Power Output (Nominal)6 kVa
Voltage400 / 230 V
North American Voltage Available

Compressor For Pneumatic Tools - HK400

Flow400 l/min14 cfm
Pressure8 bar116 psi

SPT (Standard Penetration Test) Auto Hammer With Automatic Blow Counter

Impact Rate1 - 30 bpm
Length of Travel762 mm30 in
Hammer Weigth63,5 kg140 lb
Total Weigth180 kg397 lb