MARKETS: Mineral Exploration

The LX™11 is a powerful medium-sized exploration multipurpose drill capable of both diamond coring and reverse circulation drilling. The LX™11 provides increased levels of safety, operational flexibility with a low overall cost of ownership.

  • Coring and reverse circulation drilling capability
  • Rod handling and interlocked guarding for added safety
  • Track mounted multipurpose platform providing flexibility
  • 1450m NQ, 325m RC (4.1/2") depth capacity

LX™11 Features

1. Top Drive Single Rotary Drill Head.

Maximum rotation speed of 1200 rpm, maximum torque of 7.8 kNm @ 100 rpm.

2. Drillers Control Panel.

Placed for ideal visibility.

3. Optional Rod Presenter.

For safe and efficient handling of both RC and diamond coring rods

4. The Interlocked Safety Cage.

Protects the operators from the rotating drill string. If the guard is opened during drilling, feed speed and rotation is reduced

5. Optional 1200 DFM Cyclone.

For reverse circulation drilling.

6. A 7.2m Feed Stroke and Top Drive Head

Allow 6-meter rods to be pulled under the head.

Drilling Depth Guidelines - Diamond Core

Depth Capacity1,450 (NRQ)*4,750 (NRQ)*
Drill Rod SizeBQ to PQ
*The figures in these tables are estimates which have been calculated using the applicable pullback capacity of the drill. Actual drilling results may vary and will depend on in-hole tools, subsurface and other environmental conditions, drilling techniques and equipment used.

Drilling Depth Guidelines - Reverse Circulation

RC 4"400 m1,310 ft
RC 4 1/2"325 m1,065 ft

Prime Mover

EngineJohn Deere, 6068HF485, Tier III
Fuel Consumption39 l/h (Full Power)10.3 gal/h (Full Power)
Maximum Power187 kW @ 2,000 rpm251 hp @ 2,000 rpm
EngineDEUTZ, TCD 2013 L06 2V Tier III
Fuel Consumption31 l/h (Full Power)8.2 gal/h (Full Power)
Maximum Power176 kW @ 2,000 rpm236 hp @ 2,000 rpm
Electrical Circuit24 V
Fuel Tank Capacity500 l132 gal

Hydraulic System

Primary PumpAxial Piston Pump with Power Regulator, Load Sensing and Pressure Regulator
Maximum Flow, Q1240 l/min64 gal/min
Maximum Flow, Q2190 l/min50 gal/min
Maximum Pressure300 bar4,300 psi
Auxiliary Pumps2 x Gear Pump
Flow Q336 l/min9.5 gal/min
Flow Q430 l/min6.6 gal/min
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity600 l158 gal

Single Rotary Head LXH25

Maximum Torque7.8 kNm @ 100 rpm5,800 ft-lbf @ 100 rpm
Maximum Rotation
(Varies by head selection)
1,200 rpm @ 0.64 kNm1,200 rpm @ 470 ft-lbf


Crawler Width500 mm19.7 in
Crawler Track TypeCrawler Track Type Steel, 3 rib grouser plate
Driving Speed2 km/h - 4 km/h1.25 mph - 2.5 mph
Maximum Grade+B15 (without winch)20º

Machine Controls

Drilling ControlsPilot Hydraulic, Adjustable Driller Panel
Drilling Control Panel2 point positioning adjustment
Driving ControlsRadio Remote Control - Standard
Mast Hydraulic Hose BundleMounted on Right of Mast

Drill Mast and Feed System

Drill Mast Feed MethodHydraulic Feed Cylinder
Drill Mast Length (w/o Cat Head and clamp support)9 m29.5 ft
Feed Stroke Length - Single Head7.2 m23.6 ft
Feed Speed - Down52 m/min170 ft/min
Feed Speed - Up10 m/min32.8 ft/min
Fast Feed Speed - Up34 m/min (66 m/min @ 5.5 to)112 ft/min (216 ft/min @ 12,125 lb)
Pull Down Force (Crowd)94 kN21,100 lbs
Pull Back Force170 kN38,200 lbs
Mast Dump1.8 m5.9 ft
Maximum rod length - Single Head6 m20 ft
Jib Crane250 kg @ 3 m

Rod Clamping/Breaking Systems

254 mm Pivoting Jaw System
Maximum Clamp Diameter254 mm10"
Clamping Range60 mm - 254 mm2.4" - 10"
Maximum Holding Force196 kN44,000 lbf
Maximum Break Out Torque32 kNm23,600 lb-ft
Centralizer Sizes76, 89, 101,108,114,133,152,178,220,254 [mm]
Clamp Jaw StylePivoting
Foot Clamp KWL 1600
Clamp Diameter RangeBQ - PQ

Water Pumps

Pump TypeFMC L1118 DISC
Flow112 l/min29.6 gal/min
Pressure83 bar1,200 psi
Pump TypeHPW 200/30 Mist Pump and High Pressure Washer
Flow30 l/min8 gal/min
Pressure200 bar2,900 psi


Winch Type (Option)Main Hoist
Maximum pull on inner layer55 kN12,300 lbf
Line Speed48 m/min158 ft/min
Cable Diameter16 mm0.63 in
Cable Length21 m69 ft
Winch Type (Option)Main Hoist
Maximum pull on inner layer120 kN27,000 lb
Line Speed58 m/min - 34 m/min190 ft/min - 111 ft/min
Cable Diameter22 mm0.9 in
Cable Length20 m66 ft
Winch TypeWireline
Maximum pull on inner layer10 kN2,250 lbf
Line Speed440 m/min - 155 m/min1,440 ft/min - 508 ft/min
Length at Cable Diameter1,400 m @ 6 mm4,600 ft @ 0.24 in
Length at Cable Diameter1,650 m @ 5 mm5,400 ft @ 0.20 in

Rod Handling

Rod Presenter6 m20 ft
Coring Capability HQ / NQ / PQ
RC Capability76 - 114 mm3 - 4.5”

Oil Line Lubricator For DTH Drilling

Tank Capacity10 l2.7 gal
Max Pressure35 bar507 psi


(dependant on additional equipment)
20,000 kg44,100 lb


Cyclone1200 cfm