MARKETS: Mineral Exploration

The LX™16 (KWL™1600) is a robust and versatile drill that can be configured for both reverse drilling (RC) and diamond drilling applications. The highest quality hydraulic pumps and motors available have been integrated into this powerful design to create a reliable machine that can cope with the toughest conditions. With an optional RC rod handler, this multipurpose drill is a market leader in safety and performance.

  • Designed with power to spare, separate pumps for major functions deliver full power at anytime
  • 16.4 ton pull back, rope over cylinder mast with 7.5 m head traverse
  • Boart Longyear™ RC rod handler
  • Acoustic enclosure for power pack
  • 2 speed top drive head with floating spindle suitable for both diamond and RC drilling
  • Top mounted main line hoist & wire line
  • UDR rod spinner & power breakouts to make / break rods

LX™16 Features

1. Top Mounted Mainline

Improves reliability and safety by keeping cable in tension and preventing bird nesting

2. Top Drive 2 Speed Head

Floating spindle makes for simple rod start and allows high speed for diamond drilling and high torque for RC drilling

3. Extendable Operator Console

The simple and uncomplicated control panel of the LX16 has an advanced ergonomic layout, capable of extending 800 mm and turning 30 degrees

4. Mast

The LX16’s powerful mast is capable of 9 m rod pulls at an impressive 16,400 kg of pullback and 9,620 kg of thrust

5. Foot Clamp

The LX16’s foot clamps are eccentrically loaded and hydraulically operated, allowing for a higher weight holding capacity

6. Acoustic Enclosure

Lowers operating noise levels

7. Acoustic Enclosure

Lowers operating noise levels

Optional BLY RC Rod Handler

Fail-safe hands-free rod handling and flexible pick up positions improve operator safety

Drilling Depth Guidelines

Drill Rod / Core BarrelDry Hole Depth (m)Fluid Filled Hole Depth (m)Dry Hole Depth (Ft)Fluid Filled Hole Depth (Ft)
NQ V-Wall™2,4912,8548,1739,364
HQ V-Wall™1,9182,1986,2937,211
PQ V-Wall™132115144,3344,967


DesignFully welded RHS lattice construction with cross bracing
Box section mast with 100 mm (3.94”) wide drive head wear face/ side
Length12.35 m40.51 feet

Traverse Actuation

Head Traverse Length7.5 m24.61 feet
Retract Force181.5 kN40,700 lb
Retract Speed @ 1800 engineRPM1.067 m/sec42 in/sec
Pull Down Force94.4 kN21,206 lb
Pull Down Speed Rapid800 mm/sec31.5 in/sec
Fine Feed Speed0-110 mm/sec0-4.33 in/sec

Rotation Drive Head

ModelLX™16 (floating spindle)
Floating Spindle Thread3-1/2 inch IF RH male
Floating Spindle Bore70 mm2.8 in
Spindle Thread (Upper)70 mm (2.8 in) 8 TPI LH female
Drive MotorDenison M14v axial piston - variable/reversible
Hydraulic Working Pressure293 bar4,250 psi
Drive Head Side Shift (hydraulic)457 mm18 inch

Torque and RPM Ratings

(Based on Engine Speed of 1,800 rpm)
DisplacementOil flowTorqueOutput Speed
in3/revU.S. gpmNMlbftRPM
Core Drilling1182,1001,548925
Reverse circulation Drilling11818,10013,408105
NOTE: Maximum spindle speed on Drive head is 1300 RPM with motor at minimum displacement of 10 in3. Exceeding these speeds may result in damage to the unit.

Dump Mast

Stroke2 m6.56 ft
LockingHydraulic Cylinder Locking System (hands free - vertical to 45

Haul Winch

Haul Winch Travel11 m36.1 ft
Hoisting Capacity152.5 kN34,100 lb
Hoisting Speed1.1 m/sec3.8 ft/sec
Rope Usable Length14 m45.9 feet


Drum Capacity
Cable Size 6 mm (0.24”)2,300 m7,545 ft
Cable Size 8 mm (0.32”)1,300 m4,265 ft
Lift Capacity Bare Drum
Bare Drum14.72 kN3,307 lb
Full Drum7.85kN1,774 lb
Hoist Speed Mid Drum4 m/sec157 in/sec
Rope to Table AlignmentForward Tilting Drum
Cable Supplied1,200 m @ 8 mm3,937 ft
2,000 m @ 6 mm6,562 feet @ 0.24 in

Hose Reeler

Suspends all drive head travelling hoses, keeping them away from operator and in tension to prevent snaring and hose damage.

Base Frame Assembly

Length7.9 m25.92 ft
Width2.5 m8.2 ft

Jack Leg Assemblies

Lift Capacity (per leg)188.5 kN42,284 lb

Power Pack

EngineCaterpillar CATC13
Electrical System24 Volt
Braking @ 1800 rpm328.2 kW440 HP
Engine Speeds700 - 1800 rpm
Torque @ 1400 rpm2010 Nm1482.5 lb/ft
Engine Speeds (Diamond Drilling)1200 - 1800 rpm
Estimated Fuel Burn20 - 24 L/hr5 - 6 gal/hr
Air FiltrationDonaldson FVG16-0152 with safety element
Pump GroupDual funk pump drive 59000 series (2 Denison P16 pump groups)
Hydraulic Piston Pump GroupDenison triple vane - rotation (water pump, servo, spare)
Hydraulic Vane Pump GroupDenison triple vane - rapid feed (rod handler, auxiliary, hydraulic cooler fan)

Control Console

PositionL/H rear corner of rig base
Extension800 mm (31.5”) travel to facilitate visibility of work table whilst angle drilling
YawCabinet slews 30° away from mast to facilitate visibility of work table
Console AccessHinged access doors both sides of console
PlatformFold up ‘jump up stand’ for operator
LayoutAll controls and gauges ergonomically positioned for operator comfort
Pilot Control Lever FunctionsRapid feed, rotation, haul winch, wire line winch, rod spinner
Main Load Sense Control Valve
Rapid feedDenison Lokomec CVG31
Rotation, haul winch and wireline winchDenison Lokomec CVG33
Water PressurePanel Mounted, 0-3000 psi

Safety Cage

Safety Cut-outOpening cage restricts oil flow to drive head motor thus limiting drive head rotation speed

Foot Clamp

BrandLX™ hydraulic foot clamp
JawsPQ/HWC, HQ and NQ (one set of jaw holders supplied for use with HQ and NQ jaws)

Water Pump

Water PumpFMC L1118 DISC
Water Pump Delivery Pressure103 bar1500 psi
Fluid Delivery264 Lpm65 U.S. gpm
Hydraulic Drive MotorVolvo F12-110
Drive CouplingFenner Rubber Tyre
Pressure GaugeAnalogue read out in gallons (located in control console)
* Location above or below deck depends on carrier chassis width

Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Hydraulic Oil Heat Rejection45 kW2,560 BTU/min

Power Breakout (STD)

TypeCylinder actuated mounted on lower right hand side of mast
ToolWrap around Spanner

Air/Fluid Manifold

Valves50.8 X 50.8 mm (2 x 2 inches) Ball valves with high temp seals
1 x actuated manually
1 x actuated hydraulically
Air InletsAuxiliary and booster
Air OutletsFitted with directional elbows to vent air away from operator

Fire Suppression

DescriptionNPF fire suppression system mounted inside acoustic
ActivationTwo (2) manual activation points and automatic thermal activation
Foam-based Fire Suppression SystemOperating Temperatures: 12°C - 100°C


Operators (x2)Standard operating and safety procedures
Spare Parts (x2)Boart Longyear manufactured components and hydraulic circuits


Six (6) months against faulty workmanship
Individual manufactures warranty on all components as per our terms and conditions of sale


Upon commencement of normal drilling operations, BLY to coordinate on-site commissioning with client
Travel and accommodation costs at client’s expense


Weight = 21 000 kg (46,297 lb) Consisting of:
Hydraulic Module c/w Control Console
Haul and Wireline Winch
Power Pack
Rotation Drive Head
Base Frame Assembly
Safety Cage
Acoustic Cover
Foot Clamp
Water Pump

LX™ Rod Handler (Reverse Circulation)

Inclusion of a rod handler typically requires the following:Tilting rod bin
Mast rod tray
Standard hand railing removed or modified
Mast ladder MUST be removed

Tilting Rod Bin

Recommended if rod handler is fitted
This includes rod bin verniers, tilt plates, head board and associated hydraulics
Verniers tubes are included in standard base frame structure enabling this to be retro fitted at a later date

Mast Rod Tray

Required if rod handler is fitted
Fitted into the mast, this supports the drill rod to facilitate alignment during make/break actions while using a rod handler
Mounting points are included in standard mast frame structure enabling this to be retro fitted at a later date

Fuel Tanks

1000 L (264 US gal) deck mounted fuel tank mounted behind mast rest
540 L (143 US gal) alloy round mounted to truck chassis rail, depending on available space

Drilling Platform

BaseFolds up for rig transport when mast is lowered
Width1,825 mm71.85 in
Length2,065 mm81.3 in

Rig Lighting

Tower Mounted Floodlights (x4)
Console light (x1)
High Amperage alternator (customer’s choice)

Rod Spinner

Rod SizesBQ, NQ, HQ, PQ
Extension SubsBQ, NQ, HQ, PQ
MountingLower right hand side with swing in/out

Power Group

CAT C13 Acert12.5 litre in-line 6 with 1 aftercooled turbochager, 4 stroke diesel with DDEC 1V electronic controls. Max power is 328kW (440bhp) @1800rpm. Peak Torque is 2010Nm (1482 lb/ft) @ 1400rpm, with an estimated fule burn of between 20-24 L/hr. Meets Tier 3, Stage IIIA emission requirments.
CAT3406E EngineCAT 3406C 14.64 litre in-line 6 with 1 aftercooled turbochager, 4 stroke diesel. Max power is 328kW (440bhp) @1800rpm. Peak Torque is 2036Nm (1502 lb/ft) @ 1350rpm, with an estimated fuel burn of between 20-24 L/hr. Meets Tier 1, Stage 1 emission requirements.


MercMercedes Benz Actros 4144 8x8 truck with a Mercedes-Benz OM 501LA 12 litre V6 turbocharged with intercooling, 4 stroke diesel with direct injection Telligent® engine management. Max power is 320kW (435bhp) @1800rpm. Emission level ADR80/00, Euro3. Total TARE weight of 11,320kg
ManM.A.N. TGA 41.480 8x8 truck with a MAN D2876 12.8 litre in line 6 turbocharged with intercooling, 4 stroke diesel with common rail injection. Max power is 352kW (480bhp). Emission level ADR80/00, Euro3.
TatraTATRA TERRNo1 28PR84/441 8x8 truck with TATRA T3D-928-20 12.7 litre V8, 4 stroke diesel engine. Max power is 280kW (375bhp) @ 1800rpm. Emission level Euro4. Total TARE weight of 13,000kg
Cat Crawler PackageCAT330L tracks

Decal Kit

English decals only

Mast Ladder

Mounted on right hand side of mast
Fitted with lanyard rope that allows a harness to be attached for ascending mast when vertical
Not available if a rod handler is fitted to the rig

Rod Handler

RCPart of Standard Equipment. The Boart Longyear RC Rod handler capable of handling up to 4.5 diameter and 6m long RC drill pipe, with a maximum weight of 200kg. Capable of picking rods from rig mounted rod bin or separate independent rod bin. Requires 230bar @ 100LPM and 24 volts DC to operate.
Sandvik RCSandvik rod handler suited for handling 4.5" RC pipe. Required hydrulic flow rate of 64L/min and an electrical supply requirement of 24V. Rod handler can be controlled by either radio remote or pilot hydraulic pressure. Weight 850kg.


Conversion KitAir start, air stop, air activated E-stops, all Aluminium covered or replaced.
RC Rod HandlerParts are aluminium covered or replaced.


2000 psi Hydraulic HosesHoses rated for 2000psi
2000 psi Air/Water PipesUnder deck hard piping rated and hydrostatically tested to 2000psi complete with Worcester valves also rated to 2000psi

Rotation Barrier

Rotation BarrierSafety barrier for the RC Breakout extension

Acoustic Cover

LocationEncloses engine and compressor
AccessLarge removable doors for maintenance
Air flowLarge air inlets with roof mounted sucker fan - hydraulic driven
MaterialAluminum frame with dense foam filling

UDR Spinner

UDR SpinnerSandvik Safe-T-Spin wire line rod pre-torque/make/break tool designed to handle all common wireline rod sizes without the need to replace the jaws. Rotation functions are hydraulic with a supply pressure requirement of 180bar and a flow requirement of 100LPM. Rod capcity range of BQTM wireline to HW casing, maximum torque for breakout - 3000Nm (2200 ftlbf) and for make up 2100 Nm.


Standard ColorAbove deck - Boart Longyear White
Below Deck - Black
Safety Items Yellow
Custom ColorDrill colored to customer specification

Water Swivel

25K Water Swivel
40K Water Swivel


Commissioning, Domestic 40 Hrs
Commissioning, International 40 Hrs

RC Table Kit

RC Table KitSingle hydraulic Air Drill break out up to 5.5"
12" metzke slips set
Single air spanner 4.5"
Mast dump extension
Other associated hydraulic equipment

Dual Air Spanner

Dual Air SpannerDual 'C' spanners actuated by an air cylinder with the control via a foot pedal on the driller platform. The top spanner has auto return while the bottom spanner has detent positioning.

Additional Options

Hammer OilerProvides lubrication for DTH/RC hammer when drilling
RC Consumable KitWestrod RC consumable kit consisting of:
Dual Swivel
Auto blowdown
Deflector box
Knock on
Boss Clamp
Head wear tube
Drive Sub