Developed in conjunction with our own drilling services division, the Boart Longyear's StopeMate™ pneumatic production drill is extremely compact—small enough to be loaded into a lift cage. This drill is capable of drilling 51mm to 76 mm holes, accommodates drilling depths of 12 to 25 m, and can be quickly disassembled and reassembled to gain access to captive areas.

Designed for superior access, mobility, flexibility and productivity, our StopeMate and StopeMaster™ drills were developed to meet the unique challenges of narrow vein and other underground mining applications.

  • S36 pneumatic rock drill
  • Completely pneumatic powered system
  • Able to fit through a 1.27 m by 1.9 m (50” x 75”) opening
  • Capable of back height drilling as low as 2.44 m (96”)
  • Fits into a man cage with no disassembly
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Up to 1.52M (60”) traverse allows accurate ring or parallel drilling - the addition of the actuator allows drilling beside the carrier


Weighs only 3750 kg. and is compact enough to fit into a lift cage with no disassembly. Breaks down into 6 manageable pieces for access to captive areas.


Independent hydraulic driven wheels that can be disconnected for towing. Easily hoisted through standard man-way skip compartments.


Low maintenance costs and operator friendly.


High productivity in the field, reliable and durable, long service life.


Capable of more drilling patterns than any other platform on the market. Pivoting travers feature allows straight, accurate drilling. Hydraulic rotation of rock drill carriage adds further flexibility of drilling patterns.

IR Rock Drill Specification

Hydraulic Powerpack (Air Operated)MetricU.S.
Radial Piston Air Motor22 kW30 hp
Tandem gear pump68 L/min18 gpm
Return oil filter10 micron
Main reservoir98 liters26 gallons
Oil lubricator (rock drill) Secan F619 liters2 gallon

Minimum Requirements to Drill

Air flow @ 90 psi16 m3/min575 cfm
Water Flow38 L/min10 gpm
Note: Higher water flow is required on deeper, larger diameter downholes


4 wheel skid steer
Gradeability - 30%
4 wheel independent drive and braking (SAHR) system
Solid rubber tires on steel rims
Motion control valving for precise control, even over rough terrain
Quick disconnect brakes for easy towing

Drill Positioner

Dump - +10° to -45° movement via hydraulic cylinder c/w lock valve and mechanical expanding pivot pins
Traverse - side to side travel1.219 m48 in
adjustable pads to compensate for wear
movement via hydraulic motor driven feed screw
heavy duty rotation slew bearing driven by hydraulic cylinder for 90° traverse rotation
Rotation - dual hydraulic rack and pinion rotary actuator c/w manual locking system for 360° rotation
Optional HELAC® feed positioner for increased flexibility and accuracy


4 hydraulic cylindersMetricU.S.
Stroke0.38 m15 in
Lift0.18 m7 in

Rock drill Feed System

MKV series feed assembly c/w:Steel feed with stainless steel wear guides and rotary screw drive
Integral cushions at end of travel
Pneumatic opposed piston type centralizer
Manual feed crowd


Direct acting feed positioning controls
Pivoting tramming control arm

Noise Suppression

Standard Dual exhaust, muffler and exhaust on controls rerouted

Rock Drill

S36IR - see S36IR Hydraulic Rock Drill Tech Data


Weight3,750 kg8,250 lb

Raise Transport - Undercarriage (largest module only)

Raise Transport - Undercarriage (largest module only)
Length:2794 mm110 in
Width:1220 mm48 in
Height:813 mm32 in
Weight:1795 kg3950 lb

Cage Transport

Traverse rotates 90 degrees to reduce width for cage transport

Minimum Parallel Hole Drilling Height

Drill Steel Size:1.22 m (4ft) Rod Change (Standard)2743mm (108 in)
0.91 m (3 ft) Rod Change2438 mm (96 in)
1.52 m (5 ft) Rod Change3048 mm (120 in)

Ring or Fan Drilling Envelope

Drill Steel Size:1.22 m (4ft) Rod Change (Standard)2463mm (97 in)
0.91 m (3 ft) Rod Change2247 mm (88 in)
1.52 m (5 ft) Rod Change2769 mm (109 in)

Traverse Travel - Machine Width "C"

Machine Width "C"OverallCenter to Center Drill Movement
Standard Traverse:1677mm66 in1219 mm48 in
Optional Traverse:1219 mm48 in761 mm30 in

Laser Alignment Tool

This optional battery operated laser tool attached to the feed assembly helps align the carrier so that the traverse is parallel with the azimuth lines, usually painted on the wall by the mine personnel.

Driller Training

Driller Training, 50 hoursIncludes meals and lodging. Excludes flights.
Driller Training (International), 50 hoursIncludes meals and lodging. Excludes flights.

Centralizer Jaw Selection

Centralizer Piston - 32mm
Centralizer Piston - 38mm