LS™250 MiniSonic™

MARKETS: Mineral Exploration, Mining, Infrastructure, Environmental, Geothermal

Boart Longyear is proud to introduce the LS™250 MiniSonic™, a compact rig perfect for a wide variety of soft ground, shallow drilling for environmental, geotechnical, water, and mining (grade control and leach pads) projects.

  • Highly accurate and relatively undisturbed core samples
  • Straighter holes with minimal deviation
  • Reduces waste by up to 80%
  • Faster than other overburden drilling methods
  • Greatly reduces the risk of project failure due to unknown or difficult subsurface conditions
  • Reduced noise levels

1. Enhanced Safety

Interlocked rotation barrier - head rotation slows when open for enhanced safety.

2. Compact Footprint

Fits in shipping container and makes the LS250 MiniSonic perfect for smaller drill pads.

3. Enhanced Safety

Rod presenter allows the casing to be loaded horizontally.

4. Easy Operation and Maintenance

Pilot operated hydraulic system is easy to operate and maintain.

5. Increased Precision

Eliminate time consuming rig moves with the articulated mast and wiggle tail which allows the mast to shift from left to right and front to back to position the mast precisely over the hole. The articulated mast allows for drilling from 90 to 45 degrees.

6. High Efficiency Rotation and Oscillation Unit

Patented airbag system isolates the vibration from the rig and transfers it down the hole for more efficient drilling.

7. Increased Accessibility

Wide track mounted and low ground pressure (.28 bar/4 psi) – perfect for increased accessibility in the most sensitive and fragile terrains.

General Performance Rating

Drilling Depth*
4.75 in (121 mm)78 m255 ft
6 in (152 mm)61 m200 ft
7 in (178 mm)52 m170 ft
8 in (203mm)45 m150 ft
9.25 in (235 mm)39m130 ft
10.5 in (267 mm)34 m
110 ft
12 in (305 mm)30 m100 ft
Max Drilling Diameter305 mm12 in
Pull Back55 kN12,364 lbf
Down Force34 kN7,673 lbf
Max Casing Length3 m10 ft
*Depths based on normal drilling conditions. Varying ground conditions and drilling styles may vary results

Sonic Head

Drill Head TypeMiniSonic
Vibration MotorsFix displacement piston motors
Frequency range0-75 Hz
Output Force @ 150 Hz182 kN41,000 lbs
Maximum Torque2,400 Nm1,700ft/lb
Rotation Speed0-80 RPM

Prime Mover

Engine - Standard UnitCummins QSB, 4 cylnder, turbo charged, air-cooled diesel engine
Displacement4.5 L272 in³
Power (maximum) at119 kW160 hp
EmissionsStage IIlbTier 4 (i)
Full Tank Capacity193 L51 gal

Drill Mast System

  Metric U.S.
Drilling Angle45° off horizontal to 90° vertical down
Rod Pull3 m10 ft
Head Rotation0-28 Degrees

Main Winch

Line Pull
Bare Drum11,000 N2,472 lb
Full Drum9,000 N2,023 lb
Rope speed
Bare Drum27.5 m/min90 ft/min
Full Drum34 m/min111.5 ft/min
Main line winch cable dia.8 mm5/16 in
Rope length65 m213 ft

Foot Clamp/Breakout System

Rod Clamps2 (dual cylinders - top and bottom)
Max clamping diameter
(clamp/breakout tool)
305 mm12 in
Clamping force129 kN29,000 lb
Max breaking torque23 kNm17,000 lbft
Max breaking angle20 degrees


Crawler - Standard UnitTrack One
Max speed6.25 km/h3.9 m/h
Track width600 mm24 in
Ground pressure.28 bar4.0 PSI

Water Pump

TypeFMC E0413
Max flow80 lpm21.1 gpm
Max pressure41 bar595 PSI

Grout Pump

TypeSPX40 Hose Pump
Max flow160 lpm42 gpm
Max pressure16 bar232 PSi


Wet Weight11,500 kg
25,300 lbs

Welder Generator

TypeHydraulic driven Getec
Voltage120 V
Frequency60 Hz
Power4,000 W5.36 hp
Current200 A
Voltage12-30 V
Duty cycle68%

Welder Generator - European Version - Hydraulic driven Dynaset

Voltage230 V / 400 V
Frequency50 Hz
Power 230 V3,500 W4.7 hp
Power 400 V6,500 W8.7 hp
Current180 A
Voltage22-32 V
Duty cycle @180 A50%
Duty cycle @110 A100%

Autohammer (Standard Penetration Test)

Impact rate1-30 blows/minute
Hammer size63,5 kg140 lb
Hammer drop height762 mm30 in
Max pressure124 bar1800 PSI
Max flow60 lpm15.9 gpm
All up weight226 kg498 lb
Certified Hammer efficiency64-72%64-72%

Water Pump

TypeType Triplex FMC LO918 with Ball Valves
Max flow108 lpm28.7 gpm
Max pressure48 bar700 PSI