MARKETS: Mineral Exploration, Mining, Infrastructure, Environmental, Geothermal

    Following our tradition of innovative drilling solutions, Boart Longyear is proud to offer the most advanced Sonic drill on the market. With innovative designs and patented technologies, the LS™600 drills deeper, produces more accurate samples and serves more markets than any other Sonic rig to date.

    • Minimal Drill Deviation - Superior Information
      • Sonic drilling provides a continuous, relatively undisturbed core sample of unparalleled quality and accuracy through any type of formation. With minimal drilling deviation, drillers know exactly where a sample is coming from.
    • 80% Reduced Waste - Waste Reduction
      • Sonic drilling reduces waste by up to 80% relative to conventional methods, reducing the expensive disposal of contaminated waste.
    • 2 Times Faster - Performance
      • The LS™600 is faster than conventional overburden sampling methods.
      • The advanced rod and casing management system utilizes a fingerboard for rod storage, a patented spring-loaded clam shell for safe rod management, a 90° head tilt for easy tripping, and a full support vehicle equipped with a Gantry crane for presenting rods to the head.

    LS™600 Features

    Drill Rod and Casing Management System

    The LS™600 features a finger board for vertical storage of rods next to the mast, a patented spring-loaded Clam Shell for safe rod management to and from the finger board, a 90 degree head tilt for tripping of rods/casing and a full support vehicle system with a Gantry crane for presenting rods to the head. This advanced management system improves driller’s productivity and safety.

    Simple Hydraulic Design

    The manual hydraulic system is easy to operate and maintain.

    Interlocked Rotation Barrier

    Interlocked rotation barrier slows rotation when barrier is open, providing additional operator safety.

    Rubber Tracks

    Low ground pressure rubber tracks avoid damage to asphalt and unstable ground.

    Grease Piston Pre-load System

    The grease piston system maintains bearing pre-load with grease pressure. In the event of lost grease pressure, the head automatically shuts down to avoid damage.

    Robust Rotation and Oscillation Assemblies

    The LS600’s rotation and oscillation assemblies are created using premium materials and advanced designs to improve life and performance.

    General Performance Rating

    Drilling Depth152 mm - 182 m6 in - 600 ft
    Max Drilling Diameter305 mm12 in
    Pull Back67.5 kN15,175 lbf
    Down Force40.5 kN9,105 lbf
    Max Casing Length6 m20 ft

    Sonic Head

    Drill Head TypeBL-150
    Vibration MotorsFix displacement piston motors
    Frequency range0-150 Hz
    Output Force @ 150 Hz222 kN50,000 lbs
    Rotation MotorCharl-Lynn Gerotor hydraulic motor - reversible
    Maximum Torque3,660 Nm2,700 ftlb
    Rotation Speed0-70 RPM

    Prime Mover

    Engine - Standard UnitCaterpillar C6.6, liquid cooled, turbo charged, charge air cooled engine.
    Displacement6.6 L402.8 in3
    Power (maximum) at 2,200 RPM167 kW228 hp
    EmissionsStage™ IIItier 3
    Fuel Tank Capacity156 L41.2 gal
    Engine - High Altitude UnitCaterpillar C7, liquid cooled, turbo charged, charge air cooled engine.
    Displacement7.2 L439 in3
    Power (maximum) at 2,200 RPM223 kW300 hp
    EmissionsStage™ IIItier 3
    Fuel Tank Capacity240 L63.4 gal

    Hydraulic System

      Metric U.S.
     Primary PumpVariable Displacement axial piston close loop pumps
     Max Flow2x240 lpm2x63.4 gpm
     Maximum Pressure (factory setting)27.5 MPa4,000 psi
     Secondary PumpGear pumps
     Max Flow114+114+60+60 Lpm30+30+15+15 gpm
     Maximum Pressure (factory setting)17.5 MPa 3,000 psi
     Auxiliary PumpGear pumps
     Max Flow60+114+114+35 Lpm15+30+30+9 gpm
     Maximum Pressure (factory setting)17.5 MPa3,000 psi
     Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity open loop333 L88 gal
     Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity close loop208 L55 gal

    Drill Mast System

    Overall Length
    Drilling Angle45° off horizontal to 90° vertical down
    Rod Pull6 m20 ft
    Head Tilt0 - 90 Degrees

    Drill Feed System

      Metric U.S.
     Feed Stroke7.47 m24.5 ft
     Feed Pull67.5 kN15,175 lbf
     Feed Thrust40.5 kN9,105 lbf
    Feed speed back-fine25 m/min82 ft/min
    Feed speed down-fine42 m/min138 ft/min
    Feed speed back-fast50 m/min164 ft/min
    Feed speed down-fast84 m/min275 ft/min
    Drilling Angle45° off horizontal to 90° vertical down

    Main Winch

    Line Pull
    Bare Drum9,650 N2,169 lb
    Full Drum7,145 N1,606 lb
    Rope speed
    Bare Drum41 m/min134 ft/min
    Full Drum56 m/min183 ft/min
    Main line winch cable dia.6 mm1/4 in
    Minimum breaking strength23,90 kN5373 lb
    Rope length65 m213 ft

    Wireline Hoist

    Line Pull
    Bare Drum9,650 N2,169 lb
    Full Drum7,145 N1,606 lb
    Rope speed
    Bare Drum41 m/min134 ft/min
    Full Drum56 m/min183 ft/min
    Main line winch cable dia.6 mm1/4 in
    Minimum breaking strength23.9 kN5,373 lb
    Rope length152 m500 ft

    Foot Clamp/Breakout System

    Rod Clamps2 (dual cylinders - top and bottom)
    Max clamping diameter
    (clamp/breakout tool)
    305 mm305 mm
    Range of clamping diameter w/std jaws76 mm - 267 mm3 in - 10.5 in
    Range of clamping diameter w/
    optional jaws (casing)
    267 mm - 305 mm10.5 in - 12 in
    Clamping force129 kN29,000 lb
    Max breaking torque23 kNm16,964 lbft
    Max breaking angle39 deg


    Crawler - Standard UnitMorooka 1500VD
    Max speed, 1st gear7.6 km/h4.7 m/h
    Max speed, 2nd gear11 km/h6.8 m/h
    Track width:700 mm27.5 in
    Ground pressure0.041 MPa5.9 PSI
    Crawler - High Attitude UnitMorooka 2200VD
    Max speed, 1st gear8 km/h5 m/h
    Max speed, 2st gear12 km/h7.5 m/h
    Track width:750 mm29.5 in
    Ground pressure0.046 MPa6.6 PSI


    TypeHydraulic driven piston type
    Max flow400 lpm105 gpm
    Max pressure8 bar115 PSI

    Mud Pump

    TypeTriplex FMC L1622BCD with Ball Valves
    Max flow190 lpm50 gpm
    Max pressure60 bar870 PSI
    Tank capacity1,135 L300 gal

    Grout Pump

    TypeScrew Pump, Moyno 3L6
    Max flow102 lpm27 gpm
    Max pressure15 bar225 PSI
    Grout mixer tank capacity52 L14 gal

    Welder Generator

    TypeHydraulic driven Getec
    Voltage120 V
    Frequency60 Hz
    Power4,000 W5.36 hp
    Current200 A
    Voltage12-30 V
    Duty cycle68%

    Welder Generator - European Version - Hydraulic driven Dynaset

    Voltage230 V / 400 V
    Frequency50 Hz
    Power 230 V3,500 W4.7 hp
    Power 400 V6,500 W8.7 hp
    Current1180 A180 A
    Voltage22-32 V
    Duty cycle @180 A50%
    Duty cycle @110 A100%

    Autohammer (Standard Penetration Test)

    Impact rate1-30 blows/minute
    Hammer size63,5 kg140 lb
    Hammer drop height762 mm30 in
    Max pressure124 bar1800 PSI
    Max flow60 lpm15.9 gpm
    All up weight226 kg498 lb
    Certified Hammer efficiency64-72%64-72%