It all starts with the company culture, and ours has evolved into one of interdependence where our self-empowered drill crews constantly look for ways to improve safety.

Additionally, our team of engineers and manufacturing facilities are able to quickly design new tooling to help eliminate risk, as opposed to guarding against it, in our day to day drilling operations. With these engineering controls we have developed and manufactured rotation guards, new pipe handling tools, rod handlers and over 15 other innovative advancements in the past year alone.



Boart Longyear’s Environmental Health and Safety leadership has over 80 years of combined experience working on mine sites all over the world. With their teams, they continue to push the bar and exceed the highest safety standards. To contribute to our safety team’s strength we also have certified Health and Safety professionals from the following boards:

  • CIH – Certified Industrial Hygiene
  • CSP – Certified Safety Professional
  • CMSP – Certified Mine and Safety professional

Each member of our safety team has one goal in mind, to maximize productivity with zero incidents.


Boart Longyear has a variety of metrics to track the progress of our safety program and develop best practices to ultimately drive Lost Time Incident Rate (LTIR) and Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR) to zero. Boart Longyear continues to be an industry leader in safety.


Boart Longyear often receives recognition from clients regarding EHS practices and we are proud of our safety and environmental accomplishments over the years. We invite you to read the letters from some of our satisfied clients and read how our crews around the globe are demonstrating their commitment to the environment and a safe workplace.