24-Hour Emergency Hotline

+1 410-571-2617

Boart Longyear has implemented a 24 Hour Emergency Hotline that provides direct contact to multiple emergency service providers who can provide emergency medical, safety and security support globally. The Hotline is available for use by all Boart Longyear employees in the event of an emergency. Examples of assistance you may require and when to utilize the Hotline may be found below.

  • Emergency Medical Assistance
    • Emergency medical rescue or evacuation
      Emergency medical consultation
      Access to a doctor or specialist
      Qualified liaison for relaying information to family members in time of emergency
  • Personal Security Assistance
    • Security and disaster related evacuation assistance
      In-country security assistance
      Immediate 24-hour support services
      Security and safety advisories
      Urgent message alert and relay
  • Worldwide Travel Assistance
    • Emergency return travel arrangements
      Lost passport/travel documents
      Emergency cash transfer assistance
      Emergency telephone interpretation assistance
      Urgent message relay to family, friends or business associates
      Inoculation information
      Embassy and Consulate referral
      Up-to-the-minute information on local medical advisories
      Legal referrals/bail bond assistance