Underground Drilling Services

Delivering both time-tested experience and a diverse fleet of drill rigs, Boart Longyear’s underground drilling services cover mineral exploration, underground installations, and removing installations.

The Boart Longyear LM™ modular diamond drill rig features easily interchangeable components, allowing for space constraints without sacrificing depth requirements. The standard modular design includes a mobile platform in order to service larger underground mines, making movement between drill sites efficient.

For production drilling, our underground drilling services incorporate the Stope™ drill rig series for long-hole drilling. Boart Longyear’s Stope™ rigs are designed to be versatile in confined areas while still providing the desired drilling angle.

Boart Longyear underground drilling services include:

• Directional Drilling
• Deep Hole Exploration
• Geo-Technical Drilling
• Ore Reverse Definition Core Drilling

• Proprietary Freeze Hole Installations
• Underground Reverse Circulation
• Utility and Drain Hole Installations