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Mineral Exploration

Site evaluation and prospecting from greenfields to brownfields.

Mineral Exploration is the process of retrieving core and mineral samples in order to identify ore bodies to mine. Boart Longyear™ is globally recognized as the leader in exploration drilling technology. From the rig to the drill string, our customers trust us to deliver the most innovative, advanced and complete solution available. Boart Longyear equipment provides efficiency and safety, contributing to the bottom line.

Drilling Equipment, Drilling Services & Performance Tooling serving the mineral exploration market:

Drilling Equipment

  • Surface Coring
  • Underground Coring
  • Reverse Circulation
  • Multipurpose
  • Sonic

Drilling Services

  • Surface
  • Underground

Performance Tooling

  • Coring Performance Tooling
  • Reverse Circulation Performance Tooling

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