Coring Performance Tooling

Boart Longyear is globally recognized as the leader in exploration drilling technology and is dedicated to the development of diamond core drilling products.

Our customers trust us to deliver the most innovative, advanced and complete solution available resulting in unmatched productivity year after year. Worldwide, our customers drill millions of meters in almost every conceivable formation and have obtained impressive gains in core recovery. Trusting the performance of Boart Longyear diamond core drilling products, our customers see cost savings, increased productivity and a safer workplace.

Featured Coring Performance Tooling

performance_tooling_umx_thumbnailUMX Diamond Bits Series

Highly versatile, capable of adjusting from one ground formation to another. They are also very durable, able to resist the wear and punishment of extreme ground conditions. They are our most productive bits ever with increased output, efficiency and performance, tested and proven at sites throughout the world.

performance_tooling_umx_thumbnailSSUMX™ Bit

SSUMX™ is the original Ultramatrix™ bit. Boart Longyear developed an impregnated bit; with large synthetic diamonds, that exceeds the performance and reliability of traditional surface-set diamond bits. Many drillers around the world have reported up to a 200% increase in life over their traditional surface set bits, and profess that the SSUMX™ is now their only choice for surface-set drilling.

performance_tooling_umx_thumbnail07UMX™ Bit

07UMX is extreme durability. With a durable, resilient matrix designed for use in highly variable ground conditions ranging from surface-set to medium-hard, the 07UMX optimizes the ratio of bit life to drilling production.

performance_tooling_umx_thumbnail09UMX™ Bit

09UMX is extreme penetration. Featuring advanced technology for a free-cutting matrix ideal for use in medium to the hardest ground formations, the 09UMX™ is our fastest penetrating bit available today.

performance_tooling_umx_thumbnail10UMX™ Bit

10UMX™ is free cutting. Our latest addition to the UMX™ family of bits is a high performance diamond bit with the freest cutting matrix made. It will quickly penetrate the very hardest rock formations.

performance_tooling_umx_thumbnailGTUMX™ Bit

The GTUMX™ is designed for shallow holes and conventional drilling, and to be used in exploration and geo-technical applications. The ability to drill faster with high penetration rates and outperform existing bit technology in a wide range of ground formations makes the GTUMX™ ideal for customers seeking a cost-effective alternative to their current bit selection.

performance_tooling_surfaceset_thumbnailImpregnated Diamond Bits

The impregnated diamond bit is used for cutting holes in medium to ultra-hard formations, and a full array of design variations is available to maximize drill life and penetration. The crown is made up of a metal powder and diamond matrix that wears away during the drilling process and exposes new layers of diamonds, renewing the cutting points.

performance_tooling_surfaceset_thumbnailSurface Set Coring Bits

Surface set bits are typically used in softer formations. Traditionally, they utilize a single layer of natural diamonds set in a hard matrix and can be manufactured in many crown profiles to fit the different types of formations. With the launch of the Surface Set XP™ bits, surface set drillers are turning to Boart Longyear’s impregnated technology and Ultramatrix™ design.

performance_tooling_tsd_thumbnailThermally Stable Diamond (TSD) Bits

The TSD bit is used for fast penetration in soft/medium rock formations. TSDs are a cost effective alternative for large stone surface set bits.

performance_tooling_pcd_thumbnailPolycrystalline Compact Diamond (PCD) Bits

PCD bits are made for cutting softer formations at high penetration rates. They typically have round PCD cutters that can be replaced, extending the life of the bit.

performance_tooling_carbide_thumbnailCarbide Chip Bits

The carbide chip bit is a general purpose bit for geo-technical applications used primarily in soft formations.  This is a cost-effective alternative to carbide tooth bits.


Boart Longyear manufactures rods with various thread types to meet your drilling needs.  Whether you need our Q™ thread for standard depths, our RQ™ for deep holes, HD thread for wide diameter or WJ for conventional drilling we have a rod to meet your diamond core drilling needs.

In addition to standard rods, Boart Longyear also manufactures its patented V-Wall™ rod.  A V-Wall rod is 30% lighter than a standard rod with an increased annular clearance of 30%.  Not only does this increase the drop speed of our Quick Descent™ Core Barrel by up to 50% but it also allows drills to reach new depths with the same amount of pullback.

Learn more about rod capacities and capabilities:


Boart Longyearís genuine QTM rods are the global standard for wireline coring.  With over 40 years invested into our proprietary QTM wireline drill rod, Boart Longyear has met market demand through innovative engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

  • Tubing - High quality heat-treated alloy steel tubing offers consistent concentrically, straightness, and is available in all DCDMA sizes.
  • Thread - Proprietary tapered threads provide additional strength and ensure the easy make and break of rod joints. Load efficiency of 30% provides sufficient strength for average applications.
  • Thru-wall heat treatment - Our thru-wall heat treatment process provides 140% material strength and significantly increases thread wear life.
  • Case hardening - Boart Longyear is the only manufacturer in the industry to case-harden threads, which dramatically reduces galling and joint seizing.


Our patented RQTM rods feature a combination of proprietary heat treatment processes and innovative engineering to provide the ultimate in performance and longevity. RQTM drill rods expand drilling capabilities and lower total drill rod cost per meter in deep, deviated, and demanding wireline coring applications.

  • Tubing - High quality heat-treated alloy steel tubing offers consistent concentrically, straightness, and is available in all DCDMA sizes.
  • Thread - RQTM Rods are produced with either Course RQ threads or Fine RQ  TK threads.  The Course RQ threads provide easier make and break as well as anti jamming, while the Fine RQTM TK threads provide high performance for thin kerf wireline systems. Load efficiency of 50% provides superior strength for demanding applications.
  • Thru-wall heat treatment - Our thru-wall heat treatment process provides 175% material strength and significantly increases thread wear life.
  • Case hardening - Boart Longyear is the only manufacturer in the industry to case-harden threads, which dramatically reduces galling and joint seizing.


HD threads are designed for reliability in large-size core drilling, offering a robust, coarse thread profile for heavy duty wireline applications.

  • Tubing - High quality heat-treated alloy steel tubing offers consistent concentrically, straightness, and is available in all DCDMA sizes.
  • Thread - Larger, deeper threads provide maximum durability.  Load efficiency of 40% provides sufficient strength for large hole sizes.
  • Case hardening - Boart Longyear is the only manufacturer in the industry to case-harden threads, which dramatically reduces galling and joint seizing.


The WJ rod is a conventional drill rod consisting of a tubular mid-body with friction welded pin and box ends. The tapered threads are similar to an API thread form, and are manufactured using DCDMA gauges. WJ rods are used for conventional core, geo-technical, and rotary drilling applications.

  • Mid-body tubing
  • High quality alloy steel tubing
  • Consistent concentrically and straightness
  • Mid-body tubing is standard Q weight for WJ, or Q TK weight for WJLW.
  • Thread - API style of thread featuring a V style design allows fast and easy making and breaking of rod joints, and offers superior pulling load capacity.
  • Construction - Reliable friction-welded construction ensures joints have the mechanical properties equal to the parent material avoiding failures inherent to the brittle material created by conventional welding techniques.


coring_casingW Casing

This casing is intended for single use applications, or situations where the casing is left in the hole. The W casing is made from DCDMA C80 tubing and utilizes the DCDMA W thread form. Featuring a straight thread, this universal casing design can be used in any drilling application where threaded casing is required to be left in the ground.

  • Tubing
    • Parallel wall tubing is compatible with Q™ wireline in-hole tools, and standard DCDMA W sizes allow of other W casing.
  • Thread design
    • Double-butt joint provides strength in driving and jarring.
[sc:clearfix] Coring_WT_Casing

WT Casing

This casing is engineered to surpass expectations and features quicker and easier make and break characteristics than the standard W casing. This thread works well under difficult drilling conditions and is designed for repeated application. The WT casing is made with DCDMA C80 tubing and the tapered HD thread provides increased strength.

  • Tubing
    • Parallel wall tubing is compatible with Q™ wireline in-hole tools, and standard DCDMA W sizes allow of other W casing.
  • Thread design
    • Compatible with HD rod threads.
    • Tapered joint and fewer threads per inch result in easier and faster make and break for reduced wear and reduced labor costs.
    • Double-butt tapered joint and heavy duty buttress thread form provide greater torsion and pullback strength.
    • Tapered thread reduces stress and provides a rigid joint to reduce movement and lubricant loss.
    • Load efficiency of 40% provides greater pullback strength to allow retrieval from difficult ground conditions and repeated use.
    • Threads are easier to clean due to wider spacing of the threads for situations where casing is reused.

Boart Longyear™ reamer and adapter couplings feature increased stability and reduced vibrations due to the specially designed spiral pads, which provide increased contact with the circumference of the hole. Our reaming shell experience longer life in the field due to the greater number of diamonds and high-grade carbide reinforcements.

The RSUMX™ Diamond Reaming Shell is available in all standard drilling sizes, as well as a number of region specific sizes.

Reamer types

  • RSUMX™ Diamond Reaming Shell


Boart Longyear reaming shells are available in three standard gauge configurations.

  • Standard Gauge (S)
  • Equal to reaming shell gauge (R)
  • Oversized OD (OS, INCHES)

performance_tooling_rsumxRSUMX Diamond Reaming Shell

The RSUMX™ Diamond Reaming Shell uses the patented Ultramatrix™ technology making this the longest lasting reamer shell available. The RSUMX is also available with optional heavy duty blanks and dual pads, making it your first choice in all exploration coring applications.

Head Assemblies

The head assembly provides: latching and pivoting spearpoint mechanisms to allow insertion and retrieval of the inner tube assembly, a bearing assembly to allow the inner tube to remain stationary and avoid sample damage while drilling, fluid pressure operating indications and fluid control valves. All head assemblies incorporate a shut off valve assembly which provides a fluid pressure signal to the drill operator when the valve members are compressed, indicating a full or blocked inner tube.

A key component of both the Quick Descent™ and the Quick Pump-in™ Head Assemblies is the new Spearpoint head , which has patented technology, which provides increased durability and safe use.

Click to learn more about the new Spearhead.

  • Quick Descent ™ Roller Latch Head Assembly
    • The Quick Descent ™ core barrel head assembly provides the driller with the most reliable wireline technology in the business: including the robust, vibration-resistant Link-Latch system.


  • Quick Pump-In™ Roller Latch Head Assembly
    • The Quick Pump-in ™ head now features all of the advances of the surface Q ™ system plus a range of innovations focused on productivity underground.


Boart Longyear's overshots are an integral part of the Genuine Q™ Wireline System. Once the inner tube is full of core, the overshot is lowered to the bottom of the hole, and its heavy-duty lifting dogs grab a secure hold at the top of the inner tube assembly.

For maximum productivity in underground or pump-in applications, Boart Longyear offers the new Quick Pump-in™ overshot. The new Quick Pump-in™ overshot provides significantly improved pump-in rates with dual pump-in lip-seals. In addition, it incorporates the proven/reliable, patented Landing Indicator bushing as an optional bypass valve feature. When drilling flat or slightly declined, the landing indicator bushing and valve ball will provide a pressure spike upon landing and allow fluid to bypass the overshot when pulling from the hole, significantly improving retraction rates and eliminating the need to refill the hole with drilling fluid.

Conversion Kits

Boart Longyear has set up conversion kits to assist our customers in converting over, instead of buying a completely new system. There are also kits available to convert between surface and underground applications.

EZY lock overshot

As part of Boart Longyear's commitment to safety on the drill site, we offer the patented EZY-Lock overshot for use with the Genuine Q™ Wireline System. The safety and productivity features included in the design provide highly reliable core barrel retrieval for all surface exploration applications.

The EZY Lock is available for above-ground Genuine Q™ Wireline Systems in sizes B to P.

Standard Boart Longyear overshot features:

  • Heavy duty lifting dogs and compression spring
  • Threaded connection between jar staff and overshot head
  • High strength alloy steel jar staff with increased diameter and fail safe stop
  • Locking sleeve prevents release of inner tube
  • Optional dry hole lowering kit

Core Barrel

Boart Longyear currently offers three models of the wireline core barrel system: Genuine QTM, QTKTM, and Q3TM. Genuine QTM/QTMTK wireline systems consist of the core barrel assembly and the overshot assembly. Both assemblies are integral to the wireline system. The core barrel assembly is composed of the inner-tube group and outer-tube group.

Click here to learn more about the Genuine QTM Wireline System

The inner-tube group is composed of:

  • Head Assembly
  • Inner Tube
  • Core Lifter Case
  • Core Lifter
  • Stop Ring

The inner-tube group collects the core sample during the drilling process and is independent of the outer-tube group.

The outer-tube group is composed of the remainder of the core barrel components:

  • Locking Coupling
  • Adapter Coupling
  • Outer Tube

The outer-tube group always remains at the bottom of the hole and houses the inner-tube group during the drilling process.

Boart Longyear offers a full line of accessories to complement its equipment, including water swivels, hoisting plugs, wedges, adapter subs, etc...  For a complete list and information on core barrel accessories, recovery tools and other tools view the In-Hole Tools Catalog.

In-hole Tools Catalog (English) - PDF In-hole Tools Catalog (Spanish) - PDF