GTUMXGTUMX™ Diamond Bit Series

The GTUMX™ is designed for shallow holes and conventional drilling, and to be used in exploration and geo technical applications. The ability to drill faster with high penetration rates and outperform existing bit technology in a wide range of ground formations makes the GTUMX ideal for customers seeking a cost-effective alternative to their current bit selection.

Product Features:

  • UMX™Crown — Patented technology enables the use of large, synthetic diamonds, increasing penetration through changing  ground conditions and provides longer bit life
  • Razorcut™ Face Design — Patented design is ready to cut right “out of the box” and improves tracking and balance in the hole
  • Twin-Taper™ Window — Dramatically improves flushing, forcing debris through the windows while keeping the bit face clear and reinforcing the inner-diameter
  • Genuine Q™ Wireline System —GTUMX™ bits are an integrated part of the Genuine Q™ Wireline System and are available in all standard sizes

GTUMX™ Diamond Bit Series Product Overview