MKII™ Spearhead Assembly

Boart Longyear’s spearhead assembly has been redesigned for safer and more efficient inner tube assembly handling, resulting in increased productivity and precise compatibility with all Q™ wireline head assemblies. Building on the proven technology of the pivoting spearhead design, the patent-pending MKII™ Spearhead is 70% stronger and provides the safest inner tube handling for drillers.


The new MKII™ Spearhead Assembly consists of a redesigned spearpoint and spearhead body for added strength and safety. The new innovative design features:

  • 70% increase in pull strength and 50% increase in bend strength that prevents the assembly from working loose
  • Self-lubricating plunger that eliminates corrosion and jamming, and keeps the spearpoint centered in multiple detent positions
  • Patent-pending design that eliminates pinch points
  • Full compatibility with current Boart Longyear head assemblies and the Q wireline system
  • Fully assembled spearhead available for purchase or individual parts offered for easy assembly
  • Core barrel head assemblies can be upgraded through a simple conversion in the field by removing a single pin, replacing the spearhead assembly, and returning the spring pin