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Quick Descent™ Roller Latch™ Head Assembly

The Quick Descent™ Roller Latch™ head assembly continues to build on Boart Longyear’s legacy of innovative drilling technology and offers precise compatibility with all Genuine Q™ wireline systems.

Product Features:

  • MKII™ Spearhead Technology
  • Roller latches detent into retracted position to eliminate latch drag for increased tripping speed, particularly in V-Wall™ Rods.
  • Hollow spindle and tapered profile optimized for fluid flow directly from the inner tube through the head assembly, offering dramatically reduced fluid drag for increased tripping speed. Up to 50% faster tripping when combined with enlarged V-Wall rod midbodies.
  • New spindle bushing provides direct lubrication and full enclosure of double thrust bearings, for increased load capacity and maximum bearing life.
  • Redesigned fluid control valve provides dry hole valve functionality.
  • Ultra reliable Roller Latch™ technology eliminates low strength, play and jamming associated with traditional “swing-out” latch mechanisms.

Quick Descent™ Roller Latch™
Head Assembly Product Overview

Quick Descent™ Roller Latch™ Video: