High quality alloy steel tubing. Consistent concentricity, straightness and heat treatment.


Coarse RQ threads (3 threads per inch) with increased taper, provide easier make and break as well as anti-jamming. Finer RQ™TK threads provide high performance for Thin Kerf wireline systems. Load efficiency of 50% provides ultimate strength for demanding applications.


Provides 175% material strength. Heat Treated box ends significantly increase material strength and thread life.


Boart Longyear is the only major manufacturer in the industry to case-harden threads.

Significant research, development and field testing has resulted in a hardening process that is unmatched.

Pin thread crest is hardened to nominal 60HRC to eliminate damaging ‘adhesion’ wear.

Eliminates the transfer of wear material back and forth as seen between threads of equal hardness, leading to large scale wearing and joint seizing.


W-Wall™ is an internally-upset rod available with our high load-efficiency patented RQ™ thread or HD thread. W-Wall rods undergo our unique combination of heat treatment processes for performance in demanding applications.

W-Wall™ for Increased Productivity and Reduced Costs

With up to 30% less weight in the drill string, productivity increases while reducing overall operating costs.

W-Wall Rods:

Decrease operator fatigue in rod handling – increasing safety and productivity.

Decrease fuel costs in rod transportation, and increase the fuel efficiency of each rig on the site. 

Increase drill’s rated depth capacity. For example, a drill rated to 2500 m HRQ will be able to manage a 3000 m HRQ W-Wall drill string.

Increase mid-body flexibility, which is advantageous in wedging or steering applications, but does not reduce drill string stiffness during coring operations. 

What Makes Boart Longyear's RQ Rods the Best on the Market