Safe and Compliant

You need safe and compliant reverse circulation drilling contractors that employ the most progressive, effective safety programs, utilize field-designed safety innovations, and cultivate a safety culture where every employee knows safety is the number one priority. World-class safety and training programs promote employee empowerment and engagement at all levels. Programs that identify and mitigate risks for a strong safety culture.

Local Talent, Global Strength

Experienced RC crews. You need local work forces and a drilling services contractor with a solid reputation for operating responsibly in the communities in which you operate. Global means you have access to the diverse Boart Longyear workforce, cross-regional and cross-functional services, expertise and equipment, and global metrics and reporting.

Consistent, Reliable Service

Let us help you achieve your drilling project objectives by providing industry-leading core recovery rates for highly accurate geological data from core to make informed decisions. Rely on Boart Longyear for our technical expertise, experience, industry leading core recovery rates, integrated core orientation and measurable performance data. We deliver solutions, integrity and results through our consistent and reliable service.

Diverse Fleet of Rigs and Equipment

By continuously investing in efficient and safe reverse circulation coring rigs and equipment, you can count on Boart Longyear for industry-leading core recovery rates and up-time. In-house engineers upgrade and retro-fit reverse circulation drill. All Boart Longyear equipment is designed for safety and field-tested for compliance and reliability.


Boart Longyear is committed to ongoing investments in industry-leading Environmental, Health and Safety programs.


Solutions. Integrity. Results.

Reverse Circulation Drilling Capabilities

By combining our global team of reverse circulation experts with our diverse fleet of reverse circulation rigs and equipment, we meet even the toughest project requirements. In order to deliver the best solution for the job, our team of professionals work tirelessly to understand your project objectives as well as the ground and site conditions. We use that information to recommend the best solution for your project to meet the project requirements and exceed your expectations.

Boart Longyear offers locally trained and certified crews with unparalleled knowledge and experience. The quality of our crews make the difference. Boart Longyear reverse circulation drillers have extensive technical knowledge about ground conditions, techniques, and tooling to achieve optimum results. Our crews set the standard in the industry – the best of the best.

We have the right rig with the right configurations for your next project. Our in-house engineering team customizes nearly all of our rigs for significant safety features and superior flexibility and productivity. Our diverse fleet of reverse circulation rigs includes various sizes, depth capacities (up to 4,000 feet / 1,219 meters), and mounting and winterization options. Mounting options include skid, track, buggy, and truck. We offer a large fleet of all-terrain rigs so we can get to your green field exploration site, wherever it is. We’re consistently and constantly upgrading our rigs to the latest technology including rod handling.

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