Maintenance Support

Maintenance on drilling rigs is essential, so we provide ongoing service, maintenance, repair, and can assist with your upgrade or retrofit needs. The Boart Longyear maintenance support team assesses your rig’s current condition and provides recommendations on what is needed to return your rig to its optimal performance. From spares, maintenance assistance, and repairs that span from reconditioning up to full rig overhauls, Boart Longyear’s team is equipped and ready to assist your needs every step of the way.


Skilled labor is critical to your success. Untrained drillers and mechanics can be a significant expense. We recommend our hands-on training for both your drillers and field maintenance mechanics. Our training includes access to OEM manufacturing support, detailed technical and engineering data, and covers proper operation, maintenance, basic repair, and preventive maintenance.

The ability to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot your own drilling equipment starts with a basic understanding of the various components at work on a particular rig. Boart Longyear provides training that can be tailored to your needs – from basic rig operation to full assembly maintenance and repair.

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Boart Longyear Genuine Parts – SPIN

Boart Longyear™ rigs are designed to meet demanding conditions. Boart Longyear™ genuine parts are engineered, manufactured, and selected to also meet demanding conditions. With genuine parts, you know you’re receiving parts that are specifically designed and engineered for that purpose, along with Boart Longyear’s global strategy and support. 

Boart Longyear’s Service and Parts Information Network (SPIN) is a database available to customers to access Boart Longyear parts and detailed information including part names, part numbers, and technical drawings.

Login and browse or search the library to access part drawings, part information, and even create a list you can use to order the parts you need.



For the best results, we offer a complete on-site equipment walk through with our seasoned technicians. The commissioning process covers:

  • Rig introduction, inspection, and safety
  • Rig setup, anchoring, start up, and operations
  • Engine maintenance
  • Hydraulic system maintenance
  • Ordering parts

In addition, we provide training on core barrel, diamond products, and other components based on your specific order.


Boart Longyear is prepared and ready to customize your rig with upgrade options to meet all the safety requirements needed for any job. From installing a Boart Longyear-designed Nitro Clamp, hands-free rod handling to an extensive upgrade, upgrades include installation, documentation, a parts list and commissioning.

Rig and Safety Assessment

Boart Longyear offers rig and safety assessments from a seasoned technician in order to maintain the quality and maximize efficiency of your drill rig. We offer parts repair and rebuild services for major components – breathing new life into worn equipment. This service can extend the lifecycle of your assets and significantly improve the efficiency, safety and reliability of your equipment.



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