The S36 provides exceptional performance through fast penetration rates, high durability, and efficient air consumption. It utilizes a powerful, independent gear type rotation motor with high-torque for use in a wide variety of ground conditions. The independent hammer and rotation allow for varied adjustments to help dial in optimal performance based on the application, as well as easier coupling and uncoupling of drill steels.


The S36 performs exceptionally well in both underground and surface applications. Underground, it can be mounted on either screw or chain feed cradles for development tunneling, fan hole, and ring drilled blast holes. Special purpose applications can be extended to long holes for water drainage or communication purposes.

For surface applications, the S36 is an ideal machine for track drill or wagon drill use when mounted on a chain feed. It can be used for quarry benching and pre-splitting holes as well as for general-purpose drilling in civil contracting. The S36 is the standard pneumatic drill for Boart Longyear’s Stopemate™.


The S36 is based on a proven, durable design that has been updated to include premium materials designed and manufactured to exacting tolerances. The internal component layout is designed to provide excellent durability performance under the most demanding conditions. Efficient lubrication is achieved through atomized oil that is introduced via a lubricator fitted to the incoming air line. This feeds the internal lubrication system, which provides oil to the key internal and heavily loaded components for maximum life. The S36 is designed for remote control operation only.

Boart Longyear - StopeMate™


The S36 uses premium materials, machined to exacting specifications to deliver high performance and exceptional durability

Boart Longyear’s S36 rock drill is based on a time-tested, market-leading drifter design.

The S36 is ideal for both underground and surface applications. It is designed for multiple mounting applications and can be operated in a variety of conditions and orientations.

The S36 drill is designed to accommodate either wet or dry drilling without compromise.

The S36 incorporates an external feed, internally distributed lubrication system to deliver atomized oil to key components for longer life.

Boart Longyear offers on-site service training and complete rebuild and overhaul services to ensure optimal drill performance and extended life.

S36 Rock Drill Specification

Hole Size Metric U.S.
Normal Diameter 35 - 89 mm 1.38 - 3.5 in
Normal Length up to 46 m up to 150 ft
Reamed Diameter up to 127 mm up to 5 in
Blows / Minute 1630 @ 500 kPa 1630 @ 72.52 psi
Air Consumption 14 m3 / min @ 500 kPa 494.41 cfm @ 72.52 psi
Air Connection - 1 1/4 in BSP
Rotation Motor - 1 in BSP