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abril 5, 2019

Double the Value with Dual-Purpose CBXP Drill Rods

Two drilling applications, one drill rod

One of Boart Longyear’s customers was searching for dual-purpose drill rods that could be used whether the drilling application was percussive or rotary. The customer owned 20 double-head drill rigs for tieback anchor drilling and his application was rotary (outer casings) – roto-percussive (inner rods).


The most common practice, in this case, is to drive T45 or T38 rods for percussive drilling and API rods for rotary drilling. But when the customer was drilling with top hammers, his drillers had to change the complete tooling setup from API rods to percussive rods and vice versa. This proved to be ineffective and was burning resources on job sites and in tooling stock. The customer came to Boart Longyear for a rod solution that would be able to drill both rotary and percussive without changing the tooling set up.

Our engineers designed the new CBXP rods capable of both rotary and roto-percussive. By using the new rods, the customer reduced his spend on drill rods by 60% annually, purchasing one dual-purpose CBXP rod, instead of having to buy twice the number of rods for the two types of drilling. Productivity on job sites increased as changing tooling between the two different drilling applications was unnecessary.

CBXP drill rods are designed to be used as inner drill strings in double-head drilling applications. CBXP rods offer a more robust design than the common API rod and outperform API rods in durability and performance, especially when occasional percussive drilling is involved. It combines the effectiveness of an API rod but comes with more advantages than T38 and API rods, like:

• Higher flushing for higher penetration compared to API
• Longer thread life with an asymmetric thread profile
• Can be used for roto-percussive drilling (e.g. drilling though overburden boulders)
• Higher outside diameter compared to T38 & T45 rods results in higher flushing speed
• Conical thread shape provides better alignment for quick and easy make and brake
• Dual drilling capabilities as it can be used in both rotary and percussive applications

CBXP drill rods are primarily intended for use in rotary and rotary DTH drilling applications but are also commonly used as the inner drill string on double head rotary-rotary applications or in a single head rotary duplex application. CBXP may also be used for smaller percussive drilling applications. The rod ends of our CBXP rods are constructed of high tensile strength quench and tempered steel and are gas nitrided to provide additional life. Rod ends are friction welded onto mid-grade mid-body material. CBXP rods are manufactured in a variety of lengths and wall thickness. Boart Longyear can manufacture alternative rod lengths and spanner flats upon request.

Did you know that Boart Longyear sells overburden and construction drilling tooling?

Boart Longyear began manufacturing overburden and construction drilling products in 1989 at its facility in Germany to serve the foundation construction market. Boart Longyear™ overburden and construction tools were quickly recognized by the industry as reliable and well-designed. From the start, customers appreciated the use of high-quality steels, precise heat treating and thread gauging as well as the development of new tungsten carbides for the drill bit line. The attention to detail with the overburden and construction drilling tooling product line has made Boart Longyear one of the most respected names in the industry.

Today, Boart Longyear manufactures a broad offering of overburden and construction tooling at our 5000 m2 (54,000 ft2) facility in Eiterfeld, Germany. The modern ISO9001-certified facility hosts an array of advanced manufacturing capabilities including CNC (computer numerical control) machining, friction-welding, and induction hardening equipment for rod and casing products, as well as computer controlled ovens for assembly of tungsten carbide-tipped bits and tools.

Check out the full-line of Boart Longyear overburden and construction tooling by downloading the catalog.


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