Innovative Jet Grouting Systems

Since 1996, construction drillers have relied on Boart Longyear jet grouting systems for high-pressure grout injection tools for foundation construction work. The innovative automatic valve assembly ensures integral control of flow direction which accommodates either low-pressure flushing media or high-pressure grout. Industry leading high-quality lip seals replace the conventional O-rings being used in these high-pressure applications. Specialized carbide nozzle designs provide a ‘directed’ grout stream and result in deeper penetration of the grout into the surrounding soil.

Safe and Effective Solutions

For a safe and effective joint solution when using modern high-power hydraulic drifters, drillers count on the patented TWIN DRIVE™ thread design for rotary percussive tools. The TWIN DRIVE thread offers significantly lower make and break forces on rod joints and up to 40% improvement in casing and drill rod tooling life.

Global In-House Engineering

TWIN DRIVE™ VIBRO Tooling (a synergy between conventional construction tooling and the dedicated sonic tooling used in soil sampling) for efficient drilling with vibro drill hammers of all kinds. We continue to drive product innovation through our engineering team in Germany as well as our global engineering organization.

Performance Tooling that Exceeds Expectations

For casing crowns that regularly exceed expected service-life specification, developing and designing new tungsten materials and geometries specifically suited for overburden drilling applications is the focus. These essential materials enable Boart Longyear to produce casing crowns, rotary bits and percussive bits which regularly exceed published service-life specifications.

Higher Penetration Rates

TDN inner drill rods for dual-string drilling systems are an alternative to T38 and T45 extension drill steels. This thread design handles strong percussive forces while reducing the annulus between the casing and the inner rod. The smaller annulus results in better flushing from higher up-hole fluid velocities allowing for higher penetration rates.

Superior Performance in Ground Freezing

Superior steel selection, thread design, and seal design make the ground freezing rods for specialty ground stabilization projects perform extremely well with cold temperatures faced in ground freezing applications.

Patent-Pending Technology

Boart Longyear’s patent-pending interlocked shock absorber provides protection to rotary heads during DTH drilling and eliminates common shock absorber failure modes.

Latest Innovation

CBXP drill rods are designed to be used as inner drill strings in double-head drilling applications. CBXP rods offer a more robust design than the common API rod and outperforming API in durability and performance, especially when occasional percussive drilling is involved.


Use of selected high-quality precision steels and several special heat treat processes provides excellent stability, straightness and wear-resistance of the drill string assembly.

The sophisticated thread design and optimized weight distribution on all of the tooling provide optimum transfer of the energy from the head down to the drill bit.

In-house engineering and extensive field testing ultimately result in superior drilling outcomes including optimized penetration rates and straighter holes.