NEW: Nitrided Inner Tubes

Boart Longyear is focused on improving safety and productivity wherever possible. We're introducing Nitrided inner tubes for wireline exploration. The improved tubes replace chrome-plated inner tubes throughout our standard offering. 

Chrome inner tubes have long been used to reduce blocking in broken ground. Chrome plating fractures and chips over time, contaminating core samples. In addition, as the plating chips away, the usefulness of the chrome tube falls off quickly.

The nitride process transforms the steel surface, providing a uniform layer of reduced friction and protection over the entire surface of the inner tube. The treatment results in an easy, efficient upgrade to your wireline system.

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Nitrided inner tubes feature a low friction surface that virtually eliminates core jamming in fractured ground.  This greatly reduces the risk of early tripping in challenging conditions and delivers more core per shift.


In addition to efficiencies in the ground, nitrided tubes also improve the experience at the surface. Extracting core from the tube no longer requires tight clamps and unsafe mallets.  Even the most fractured core samples slide into the tray with a simple push-rod and minimal force.


Since nitriding is a transformative process – not a coating that can crack and flake off – the useful life of our new inner tubes ranges far beyond standard steel or chrome-plated inner tubes.  The extended life translates directly into lower operations costs and less on-site inventory.

New and Improved Roller Latch Wireline System

Drillers regularly deal with several challenges when retrieving a core barrel, partial trips, stuck tubes, and spearhead failures. Tripping for a stuck inner tube is a costly process, and it increases the opportunity for injury.  We created the original wireline technology used throughout the industry, and we’ve focused our experience on reinventing core retrieval. 

With innovative, patented technology, the surface Roller Latch™ Quick Descent™ head assembly and overshot is a simple, easy-to-use system that improves performance, productivity, and safety. 

Our newest addition to the exploration drilling industry is the surface Roller Latch™ Quick Descent™ head assembly and overshot. Together, they are safer, more productive, and designed to last longer than any head and overshot system in use today.