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    The LF™90D surface coring drill is an advanced addition to the LF series featuring a telescopic and dump mast making it ideal for truck or crawler mounting.

    • 11.3 ton pullback with 6 m rod pull, direct-coupled feed cylinder with 3.35 m stroke
    • 45 degree - 90 degree angle capability
    • PQ™ Hollow spindle rotation unit with 4-speed transmission
    • Nitro-Chuck™ with 222 kN holding capacity
    • Hydraulic powered rod clamp with BQ™ rod to HWT casing jaw sizes
    • 7.2 ton capacity mainline hoist
    • Truck or crawler mount

    LF™90D Features

    1. Self-Contained Operator

    The simple hydraulic system is easy to operate and maintain and lift-to-shift levers provide additional operator safety.

    2. Simple Hydraulic Design

    Direct-coupled hydraulic pumps with a PTO driven auxiliary pump allow for easy maintenance.

    3. Nitro-Chuck™

    Patented nitrogen gas spring jaws with hydraulic open/spring close function ensuring fail safe operation.

    4. Rotation Barrier

    Interlocked rotation barrier slows rotation when barrier is open, providing additional operator safety. Mainline winch limiter and tensioner prevent over-winding and bird-nesting of the cable.

    5. Hydraulic Slide-Shifting Head

    Lowers working height when handling inner tube.

    6. Dump Mast

    Lowers working height when handling inner tube.

    Drilling Depth Guidelines

    Depth Capacity1,193 m (NRQ™ V-Wall)*3,915 ft (NRQ™ V-Wall)*
    Drill Rod SizeBQ - PQBQ - PQ
    *The figures in these tables are estimates which have been calculated using the applicable pullback capacity of the drill. Actual drilling results may vary and will depend on in-hole tools, subsurface and other environmental conditions, drilling techniques and equipment used.
    To view additional drill capacity information click here

    Prime Mover

    Standard UnitCummins QSB 6.7 L, liquid cooled, turbo charged, after cooled, diesel engine
    Displacement6.7 L409 in3
    Power (maximum) at 2,450 RPM153kW220hp
    Emissions CertificationStage IIITier 3

    Torque and RPM Ratings

     Metric U.S.
     (Hydraulic motor at maximum/minimum displacement, prime mover at 2,200 RPM)
     Speed (no load) Speed (no load) Torque (stall)
     RPM Nm lbft
     1st Gear 122 - 199 5,322 - 3,254 3,925 - 2,400
     2nd Gear 246 - 400 2,648 - 1,620 1,953 - 1,195
     3rd Gear 439 - 714 1,486 - 908 1,096 - 670
     4th Gear 769 - 1,250 849 - 519 626 - 383
     NOTE: Head output speed and torque are infinitely variable in each gear range as indicated.
     Actual rotation speed is affected by engine RPM and hydraulic motor displacement setting.

    Hydraulic System

      Metric U.S.
     Primary Pump Axial piston, variable displacement load sensing, pressure compensated with low pressure standby.
     Max Flow 165 L/m 43.5 gpm
     Maximum Pressure (factory setting) 31 MPa 4,500 psi
     Secondary Pump Axial piston, variable displacement load sensing, pressure compensated with low pressure standby.
     Max Flow 64 L/m 17 gpm
     Maximum Pressure (factory setting) 21 MPa 3,000 psi
     Auxiliary Pump Axial piston, variable displacement load sensing, pressure compensated with low pressure standby.
     Max Flow 42 L/m 11 gpm
     Maximum Pressure (factory setting) 14 MPa 2,000 psi
     Hydraulic Tank Capacity 231 L 61 Gal

    Drill Head

      Metric U.S.
     Type PQ™-Hollow Spindle PQ™-Hollow Spindle
     Maximum Rod Diameter 114.3 mm 4.5 in
     Rotation Motor Rexroth hydraulic motor - variable/reversible
    Funk 4 speed
     Ratios 1st 6.27:1
      2nd 3.12:1
      3rd 1.75:1
      4th 1.00:1
     Final Drive Straight cut gears
     Ratio 2:1
     Head Opener Side shift style — hydraulically actuated
     Chuck Type

     Hydraulic PQ™ Chuck 
     Patented Nitro-Chuck™

     Drill Head Lubrication Force fed bearings, oil bath for gears
     Drill Head Lubricating Oil Filtration 25 micron high pressure oil filter 

    Drill Mast and Feed System

      Metric U.S.
     Feed Stroke 3.35 m 11 ft
     Feed Pull167.7 kN37,700 lbf
     Feed Thrust88.4 kN19,880 lbf
     Rod Pull3 or 6 m10 - 20 ft
     Drilling Angle45° off horizontal to 90° vertical down
    Mast Dump (Crowd)2.34 m7.7 ft
    Mast Telescope3.35 m11 ft

    Draw Works

     Main LIne HoistSingle speed motor
     Hook Load (single part line)
     Bare Drum71.2 kN16,000 lbf
     Hoisting Speed (single part line)
     Bare Drum0.35 m/min1.15 ft/s
     Main Hoist Cable15 mm0.59 in
     Minimum Breaking Strength226.0  kN50,800 lb
     NOTE: Do not use multiple part lines with the main line hoist, use single part line ONLY.  
     Foot Clamp CapacityHWT
     Wireline Hoist
     Level WindN/A
     Line Pull
     Bare Drum12 kN2,700 lb
     Full Drum2.2 kN502 lb
     Line Speed  
     Bare Drum123 m/min405 ft/min
     Full Drum321 m/min1,054 ft/min
     Drum Capacity
    (4.8 mm/3/16” swaged)
    1,890 m6,200 ft
     Minimum Breaking Strength2,268  kg5,000 lb
     NOTE: Wireline cable length to be specified at time of order.

    Additional Information

    OptionsTruck, Crawler, SkidTruck, Crawler, Skid
    CE CertificationYesYes
    Fuel Tank Capacity243 L64 Gal

    Fuel Tank Capacity

      Metric U.S.
     Fuel Tank Capacity243 L64 Gal


    Drill Weight8,392 kg18,000 lb
    (W11) Fluid Circulation Pump Group:
    254 kg 560 lb
    (L09) Fluid Supply Pump Group - 
     Diesel: (optional) 
    145 kg320 lb
    Mud Mixer Asssembly: (optional)31 kg68 lb

    Wireline Cable

    Full drum 4000 ft (1219 m)
    Half drum - 2000 ft (609 m)
    No wireline cable

    Decals Available in Multiple Languages

    English Decals
    Spanish Decals
    French Decals

    Fluid Circulation Pumps

    W11 Pump

    This triplex mud pump is the pump of choice for diamond drilling.

    Output: 132L/m @ 55 Bar (35GPM @ 900PSI)

    Direct coupled hydraulic motor for long life and serviceability

    Each pump module is equipped with a relief valve, pressure gauge, suction and discharge assemblies, lifting bar and skid base

    Infinitely variable water pump speeds controlled from the operators console for optimum control

    Mud Mixer

    Having a reliable mud mixer in the field is an integral part of the drilling process, because drilling additives require a homogenous slurry mix to make the most of their lubricating and/or stabilizing properties
    The robust, reliable and durable slurry/mud mixer has a max speed of 2300rpm at full flow
    Powered directly from the drill rig’s hydraulic system, it is tough enough to operate in any drilling environment
    Optional 150 gallons or 250 gallons mud tank

    Hydraulic Leveling Jacks/Outriggers

    Four powerful, independently operated leveling jacks with a 20.5 inch stoke help reduce drill set up time.
    Each leveling jack is equipped with hydraulic locking valves and mechanical lockouts for secure drill setup.

    Rock Rack Platform

    Enables vertical stacking for quick adding and removing of rods during drilling.
    Horizontal racking of rods saves space during storage or transportation.

    Catwalk, Railing and Access Stairs

    The ergonomically designed catwalk, railing and access stairs provide easy access to various drill
    components during drilling operation or for service and maintenance.

    Carrier Mounting Group

    Truck MountingThis group includes:
    Cab Protection/Mast Rest
    This group is based on a standard GMC tandem topkick truck with 7.2L Cat. 3126 Diesel (300hp). The truck is not included in this group
    Crawler MountingThis group includes:
    Set of steel cleat crawlers
    Mounting Framework
    All necessary hydraulics
    Radio Remote control

    Hydraulic Cooler Package

    Heating elements for the engine block and the hydraulic tank enable quick startup and functioning in extremely cold conditions

    CE Certification

    The CE marking certifies that a product meets EU consumer safety, health or environmental requirements.

    Salt Spray Barrier Coating

    Corrosion resistant spray coating to protect the drill components.

    Hand Held Tachometer

    Incorporating the precise laser technology and user-friendly functions this tachometer provides exceptional accuracy in measuring speed and length via a 12” wheel; the larger wheel rotates more slowly than a standard 6” wheel, enabling reliable and safe registration of high speeds. The instrument also features a contact adapter, conveniently allowing both non-contact and contact measurement.

    Tool Kit

    This tool kit comes equipped with a set of handy tools for performing general maintenance on the drill.


    Standard Boart Longyear™ Paint Colors
    Customer Specified Custom Paint Colors