Environmental, Health and Safety

Boart Longyear commits to protecting the health and safety of our employees, contractors, and visitors at all of our sites and facilities. We also commit to protect the environment and the communities in which we operate. Our goal is to deliver continual improvement in the pursuit of Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) performance excellence.

Our safety standards, programs, and processes enable drillers to safely maximize productivity. We employ the most progressive and effective safety programs, with field-designed safety innovations, and cultivate an interdependent safety culture where every employee knows safety is a core value.

We are proud of our safety innovations and certifications and strive to exceed the expectations of our clients when it comes to safe operations. Please select a category below to learn more about our safety programs.

Safety Programs

With over 127 years of experience, our safety programs are designed to address the critical risks our employees encounter and keep them safe. Our key safety programs are outlined below.

THINK Program

THINK 2017The THINK safety program instills in staff to never make any task menial and to always “THINK” before they act.

THINK is an acronym for:
Take the time
Hazard recognition
Identify the risk
Necessary controls applied
Keep safety first

Make it Personal Cards

Every employee is asked to sign a Make it Personal pocket card and add a picture of why they stay safe. The inside of this folding card contains two sections; “Why I’m Working Safely Today” and a commitment to safety. In the commitment section, the supervisor commits to providing a safe work environment, the employee commits to follow EHS programs and standards. In the “Why I’m working safely today” section employees place a picture of someone or something important to them, such as their spouse, family, significant other, a hobby, favorite activity, or prized possession. This picture should serve as a reminder of what’s most important in their life, and why they work safely.

Management interactions are an important factor in driving the importance of safety and the presentation of the card to each employee is a great opportunity for the employee and the supervisor to commit to going beyond the numbers and making safety personal.

Stop Work Authority

Within the Make It Personal cards is a section on Stop Work Authority that authorizes employees to immediately stop any work that does not comply with safety standards. The Stop Work Authority program ensures that employees will not be punished or reprimanded for doing so.

Golden Rules of Safety

Golden RulesThe Golden Rules of Safety address critical risks that Boart Longyear employees face every day. Each Golden Rule is built with an accountability statement that each employee must commit to in every task.

Rules of the Road

Rules Of The RoadOne of the most significant fatal risks Boart Longyear employees encounter is as a driver or passenger in a vehicle. Boart Longyear’s Rules of the Road define driving-related behaviors which influence road safety. Employees are held accountable for compliance with these rules when on company business.

Global EHS Management System

The EHS Management System centers on a risk-based evaluation of business activities directed at mitigating or eliminating risk in Drilling Services, Global Supply Chain (Manufacturing), Products Group and Corporate operations within Boart Longyear. The management system is applied through the comprehensive review of business activity risk and implementation of corporate EHS Standards in compliance with legal requirements and the Corporate EHS Policy. This document has been significantly streamlined to facilitate each business’ review of applicable risk, application of a minimized yet comprehensive set of corporate EHS standards and implementation of local controls appropriate to the business. This EHSMS applies to all employees of Boart Longyear, as well as visitors and contractors working on Boart Longyear sites or facilities.

Global EHS Information Management System

EHS Management SystemThe ability to monitor, trend and evaluate all Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) incidents throughout Boart Longyear’s global operational footprint is a critical component of our EHS management system. Our Global EHS Information Management System (GEMS) is a web-based program that captures data relating to injuries, motor vehicle incidents, equipment damage, environmental impacts, and other safety-related incidents.

GEMS quickly disseminates key EHS information on a global scale. It does this via instant e-mail notifications for events entered into the system and distributes a variety of customized daily and monthly summary reports. GEMS has instilled a global consistency throughout Boart Longyear’s EHS programs and allows us to deliver global consistency to our clients. We can now avoid EHS incidents in Chile based on response to incidents at other global operations, such as from trends that are happening in Peru, Canada, or Indonesia. Our GEMS system allows us to recognize, evaluate, and control hazards arising in our workforce. 

In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems

In-Vehicle MonitoringIn-vehicle monitoring is a control which has been implemented for high-risk applications where commute distances are long and/or where risk is elevated. IVMS is a global platform which employs telematics to monitor vehicle operation and driver behaviors in real time with instant coaching, communication, and analytics. All of these contribute to improve driver performance, efficiency, and safety. Boart Longyear has incorporated IVMS technology in a substantial portion of our global fleet and is working to expand coverage.


Boart Longyear is committed to limiting the environmental impact of our drilling services, geological data services, and manufacturing operations. We remain globally focused on the following areas:

  • Air impacts
  • Energy and water conservation
  • Waste and hazardous materials minimization

Our goal is to not only ensure compliance with host country regulations, but to exceed the expectations of our clients, host governments, and stakeholders, as well as set the standard for others in our industry.


Boart Longyear is always striving to improve hazard awareness and safety culture.  Through innovative training techniques such as our online training platform, Boart Longyear Integrated Training System (abbreviated BITS).  Supervisors and employees are trained annually on several EHS courses designed to empower them to take safety into their own hands.

Boart Longyear’s Environmental, Health and Safety leadership has experience working on mine sites all over the world. With their teams, they continue to push the bar and exceed the highest safety standards.


+1 410-571-2617

Boart Longyear has implemented a 24 Hour Emergency Hotline that provides direct contact with multiple emergency service providers who can provide emergency medical, safety and security support globally. The Hotline is available for use by all Boart Longyear employees in the event of an emergency. Examples of assistance you may require and when to utilize the Hotline may be found below.


Emergency medical rescue or evacuation

Emergency medical consultation

Access to a doctor or specialist

Qualified liaison for relaying information to family members in time of emergency


Security and disaster related evacuation assistance

In-country security assistance

Immediate 24-hour support services

Security and safety advisories

Urgent message alert and relay


Emergency return travel arrangements

Lost passport/travel documents

Emergency cash transfer assistance

Emergency telephone interpretation assistance

Urgent message relay to family, friends or business associates

Inoculation information

Embassy and Consulate referral

Up-to-the-minute information on local medical advisories

Legal referrals/bail bond assistance