Safe and Compliant

You need safe and compliant dewatering pump drilling services contractors that employ the most progressive, effective safety programs, utilize field-designed safety innovations, and cultivate a safety culture where every employee knows safety is the number one priority. World-class safety and training programs promote employee empowerment and engagement at all levels. Programs that identify and mitigate risks for a strong safety culture.

Local Talent, Global Strength

You need local work forces and a drilling services contractor with a solid reputation for operating responsibly in the communities in which you operate. Global means you have access to the diverse Boart Longyear workforce, cross-regional and cross-functional services, expertise and equipment, and global metrics and reporting.

Consistent, Reliable Service

To successfully accomplish your next dewatering project, hire Boart Longyear for our technical expertise, experience, global service and supply facilities and measurable performance data. We deliver solutions, integrity, and results through our consistent and reliable service.

Diverse Fleet of Rigs and Equipment

By continuously investing in efficient and safe pump rigs and equipment, you can count on Boart Longyear for industry-leading depths, productivity, and uptime. In-house engineers design and upgrade state-of-the-art pump rigs that feature state-of-the-art technology. Boart Longyear equipment is up-fitted for safety and field-tested for compliance and reliability.

Support for Success

Boart Longyear’s field maintenance teams ensure rigs and ancillary equipment are adequately maintained and remain safe, efficient, and productive. Maintenance is prioritized for emergency/safety repairs first, followed by corrective and breakdown maintenance. Preventive maintenance is scheduled at predetermined and regular intervals using Boart Longyear's computerized maintenance management system.


Boart Longyear is committed to ongoing investments in industry-leading Environmental, Health and Safety programs.


Solutions. Integrity. Results.

Pump Services Capabilities

Boart Longyear specializes in both above and below ground dewatering pump systems and provides a variety of installations, maintenance, and removal of dewatering pumps for service or replacement. Our specially designed and tested methods reduce groundwater levels and head pressures in pit walls and underground.

Boart Longyear provides experienced crews in geothermal well systems. We provide geothermal well installations includ­ing drilling, set up, casing installation, and blowout preventer equipment installation. Additional services include the remov­al of geothermal wells systems for replacement or repair. Boart Longyear has performed work in places such as Fallon, Nevada; Lightning Dock, New Mexico; Raft River, Idaho; and Neal Hot Springs, Oregon. Let us help you with your next geothermal well installation or repair/replacement project.

Our large, dedicated pump hoist rigs are specifically designed to lift heavy casing and pumps out of the ground, and up to 250,000 pounds. These rigs are used in pump rehabilitation where large well pumps need to be serviced or replaced. 

Pump Services Fleet

Rig Mast Height Main Draw Works Line Capacity Maximum Capacity Utility Winches Travel Speed Carrier Height Carrier Width Carrier Length

88 ft 5 in

1 1/8 in x 617 ft 49,000 lbs 250,000 lbs 5/8 in x 3,384 ft 79 ft/min 13 ft 10 in 9 ft 53 ft 8 in
P100 44 ft to 60 ft 7/8 in x 200 ft 25,000 lbs 100,000 lbs 1/2 in x 3000 ft 140 ft/min 13 ft 4 1/2 in 8 ft 32 ft 3 1/2 in
LR™165 58 ft 1 in x 841 ft 33,000 lbs 150,000 lbs 5/8 in x 3,384 ft 210 t/min 13 ft 6 in 8 ft 35 ft 1 in
S25,000 40 ft to 60 ft 5/8 in x 250 ft 25,000 lbs 100,000 lbs 1/2 in x 3,500 ft 140 ft/min N/A N/A N/A
P20,000 HD 36 ft 9/16 in x 180 ft 9,000 lbs 18,000 lbs 3/8 in x 125 ft N/A N/A N/A N/A

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