Delving Deeper for our Sustainable Future

Boart Longyear is a pioneering company with a strong past and a bright future.

Our innovative history and success spans over 130 years, evolving into a multidimensional story with essential environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles forming the foundation of our corporate DNA. The combined effect of our many and varied actions, initiatives and contributions are of immense societal benefit.

What we do is core – to our values, customers and many stakeholders, and in an enduring and sustainable manner.

Consider our drilling equipment – literally core to our business. Our technology elevates our clients’ activities with a safety-first mindset, protecting people and assets, and surpassing anything we’ve manufactured previously by using less water and energy, reducing related greenhouse gas emissions and resulting in greater resource recovery. Our leading-edge technology appeals to a new generation of mining talent. Automation and remote capabilities deem our equipment easier to use and requiring less physical strength to operate to attract and enable a gender-diverse workforce with greater accessibility than ever before.

Our ESG Approach and Oversight

Boart Longyear’s ESG strategy is key to reinforcing our industry-leading position to develop a sustainable future.

Managing our ESG initiatives globally requires consistency within a robust and consistent framework to maximize the positive impact we have on our employees, customers, local communities, host governments, natural environments, business partners, shareholders and stakeholders.

Through our ESG strategy, we endeavor to reinforce Boart Longyear as an employer and partner of choice as we seek to embed an ESG culture across all levels of the organization with performance overseen by our Governance, Safety and Sustainability Committee of the Board. The committee is key in ensuring we adopt and integrate ESG considerations in all business decisions. Boart Longyear’s ESG activities are guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Download our 2022 ESG Report

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