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Exploration: Underground

You need underground diamond core drilling solutions for both shallow and deep hole, small and large diameter core, including wireline and conventional. For your next underground core drilling project, insist on the best rigs and tooling for the best results.

Underground Rigs

Boart Longyear offers an innovative range of underground diamond coring equipment for mineral development and exploration. Providing reliable, high-performance deep hole drilling with economical maintenance costs, our LM™ Modular Diamond Drill System is used extensively all over the world under varying climate conditions.

Major LM™ series components are designed to be readily interchangeable to adapt to variable onsite requirements and are capable of both conventional and heavy duty wireline core retrieval.


Underground Exploration Rigs Overview

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Coring Rod, Casing, and Subs

Boart Longyear manufactures rods with various thread types to meet your drilling needs. Whether you need our Q™ thread for standard depths, our RQ™ for deep holes, HD thread for wide diameter or WJ for conventional drilling, we have a rod to meet your diamond core drilling needs.

Adapter SubsQ™ Wireline Coring RodRQ™ Wireline Coring RodW and WT Casing

Diamond Products

Diamond bits are highly versatile – capable of adjusting from one ground formation to another. They are also very durable, able to resist the wear and punishment of extreme ground conditions. Using Stage™ technology, we offer crown heights up to 25 mm for maximum productivity.

Alpha Bit™ SeriesCSUMX™ Diamond Casing ShoeLongyear™ Green BitRSUMX™ Diamond Reaming ShellUMX™ Diamond Bits


The genuine Q™ wireline system includes everything a driller needs to maximize productivity while maintaining the highest levels of safety.

Underground Wireline

National Water Resources Association (NWRA) 86th Annual Conference

National Water Resources Association (NWRA) 86th Annual Conference
November 15-17, 2017
Loews Ventana Canyon Resort
Tucson, Arizona

JOIN US AT THE 18th Pennsylvania Drilling and Blasting Conference

18th Pennsylvania Drilling and Blasting Conference November 16-17, 2017
The Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center, State College, PA


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