Features & Benefits of Longyear™ Diamond Bits


Boart Longyear’s patented Razorcut™ protrusions on the face of the bit contain diamonds that enable the bit to begin cutting right out of the box, even in the softest ground. The arrangement of these protrusions also improves the tracking and balance in the hole when drilling begins.


Boart Longyear successfully created a chemical bond between diamond and matrix, which acts stronger than the diamond itself. Thanks to this chemical bond diamonds are able to project farther above the matrix allowing for increased life, higher penetration rates, and improved face flushing with the easy, smooth drilling characteristics drillers prefer. This means increased productivity throughout the entire operation.


Our newest geometry, the tapered swirl (TSW) offers fast penetration in competent ground with the added ability to easily push cuttings in broken ground conditions to the OD thanks to the tapered design. This geometry is currently available in 20mm crown heights for extended life. 

By developing a proprietary process of coating diamond bits while in the furnace, Boart Longyear has successfully created a chemical bond between diamond and matrix. The bond acts stronger than the diamond itself and provides higher diamond projection (up to 80% compared to 40% for mechanical bonding) for improved flushing, higher penetration rates, and longer bit life.

Typical diamond coatings do not create a chemical bond, due to the strong oxide on typical titanium coatings, leading to the same 40% diamond projection as mechanical bonding. As a Longyear bit is drilling and the matrix wears down around the bottom, the diamond stays in place longer and acts like a bigger diamond, which results in more meters per bit.

Above: gap in mechanically bonded diamond

Above: no gap in Longyear™ Diamond Bit matrix

"The new Longyear bits cut faster and last longer. These two qualities in a bit are hard to come by. Usually, a bit that cuts faster gets used up faster – which means more tripping to change the bit. The new Longyear bits seem to have the right balance. It’s important to select the right bit for the type of rock encountered. Longyear bits make that easier to do. I highly recommend the new Longyear bits – they have improved penetration rates, productivity and outlast any other bit I’ve used."

- Robert Jex, Division Manager US North Coring 

"The Longyear bits not only penetrate rock faster, they last well beyond the other diamond bits I’ve used throughout my 32-year career."

- Mike Reedy, Division Manager, DS - Southwest Coring