Non-Mining: Multipurpose

When you need multipurpose equipment, overburden and construction drilling tooling, or reverse circulation drilling tooling that performs as hard as you do, trust Boart Longyear. Demanding conditions and complex projects make the equipment and tooling you choose critical to project success. Contractors that know quality choose Boart Longyear™ equipment and tooling to increase productivity and control costs.

Multipurpose Rigs

Some contractors need a drill that does it all. Configurable for various drilling techniques in exploration, geotechnical or construction, our heavy-duty multipurpose drilling equipment has proven itself time and time again in the most demanding conditions all across the globe.

Coring Rod, Casing, and Subs

Boart Longyear manufactures rods with various thread types to meet your drilling needs.  Whether you need our Q thread for standard depths, our RQ for deep holes, HD thread for wide diameter or WJ for conventional drilling we have a rod to meet your diamond core drilling needs.

Q™ Wireline Coring RodRQ™ Wireline Coring RodW and WT CasingXQ™ Wireline Coring Rod

Diamond Products

Diamond bits are highly versatile — capable of adjusting from one ground formation to another. They are also very durable, able to resist the wear and punishment of extreme ground conditions. Using Stage™ technology, we offer crown heights up to 25 mm for maximum productivity.

CSUMX™ Diamond Casing ShoeLongyear™ Diamond BitsRSUMX™ Diamond Reaming ShellTough™ Diamond Reaming Shell


For the best and most efficient tooling for anchoring and grouting, micro-piling and jet grouting, count on Boart Longyear. High-quality precision steels plus special heat treatment processes provide unsurpassed stability, straightness, and durability of overburden and construction drill string tooling.

Overburden and Construction Tooling


The genuine Q™ wireline system includes everything a driller needs to maximize productivity while maintaining the highest levels of safety.

Surface Wireline


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