Drillers regularly deal with a number of challenges when retrieving a core barrel, partial trips, false indications, and spearhead failures. Resetting the landing indication is a costly process and, it increases the opportunity for injury. Boart Longyear created the original wireline technology used throughout the industry and we’ve focused our experience on reinventing core retrieval.


The new overshot applies our experience with Roller Latch head assemblies to create a system that eliminates spearheads and lifting dogs entirely. The spearhead is replaced by a socket adapter that accepts the overshot itself. Rollers securely latch into an internal groove in the adapter.


The new overshot is designed for self-flushing and — if need be — easy cleaning by flushing through the porting provided. The wedge has three large flats to ensure no debris build up. Using past experience, we have been able to improve the function of the landing indication system for better productivity with your overshot. With a brand new pump-in cable release system, the Roller Latch will eliminate shear pins and increase the reliability of wireline recovery.


The Roller Latch family of in-hole tools includes a surface treatment that provides excellent corrosion resistance and reduces wear on the overshot.