MARKETS: Mineral Exploration

    As a forerunner in sonic methods, Boart Longyear delivers precise drilling and efficient operations with our advanced sonic rigs. Using these rigs, Boart Longyear's highly trained drillers can reach depths over 700 feet (213 meters) with minimal environmental impact.

    • Ideal for shallow drilling in difficult overburden
    • Provides a continuous undisturbed core sample
    • Reduces waste by up to 80%, relative to conventional methods
    • Two-to-three times faster then conventional overburden methods

    Heap Leach Ore Recovery

    Ore that is not being milled is placed on pads underneath a sprinkler system that saturates the pads with a solution to wash the metals or minerals out. There are usually pockets within the pad that are unsaturated. We drill into that unsaturated portion to enable the solution to be delivered for leaching.

    Grade Control Sampling

    Ore that is to be milled is placed on pads that run through the mill. Prior to entering the mill, we drill into those input pads. The samples provided to the mining company give them a better understanding of the quality of ore output.


    We drill through the dump material to set casing within the pile. Once the casing is set, this enables us to core below the dump material. Both Sonic and Rotary can be used in this application.

    Fleet Range

    Depth200 m
    Hands-Free Rod Handling
    *Actual drilling capacity will depend on drilling techniques and equipment used.


    Safety comes first in all activities. We adhere to all local regulatory safety requirements. We have a responsibility to ourselves, our employees, contractors, customers and shareholders to proactively work on strengthening our safety culture. Boart Longyear strives to ensure that our global base of clients can expect the same quality services at any site. Our people are the very foundation of this success and we are dedicated to hiring and training the best in the industry.

    Global EHS Management System

    Our Global EHS Management System (GEMS) is a web based system that captures data relating to injuries, motor vehicle incidents, equipment damage, environmental impacts, near misses and other safety related incidents of all employees spread across 40 countries.

    Stop Work Authority

    Boart Longyear employees are equipped with a "Stop Work Authority Card" that authorizes them to immediately stop any work that does not comply with safety standards. The Stop Work Authority Program ensures that employees will not be punished or reprimanded for doing so.

    Golden Rules of Safety

    The Golden Rules of Safety are a list of questions to ask while on the job. If the answer to any of the questions is NO, our employees stop and take the necessary corrective action and continue only when the answer is YES.

    Think ProgramTHINK Program

    In 2011, Boart Longyear launched a world-class safety campaign aimed at increasing the safety culture with employees. The THINK program instills in staff to never make any task menial and to always "THINK" before they act.

    Rules of the Road

    Safe driving is an essential component of the way we do business at Boart Longyear. The Rules of the Road are designed to protect our employees, passengers, and the public. Adherence to the rules is a condition of employment.

    In-Vehicle Monitoring Program (inthinc)

    Boart Longyear uses an in-vehicle monitoring system that provides verbal coaching and weekly reports on driver performance and location. This program has been implemented on four continents with plans for future expansion.