Genuine Q™ Wireline Coring System

Boart Longyear introduced the wireline core retrieval system in 1958, being the first diamond drilling exploration product manufacturer to offer this revolutionary system. The Boart Longyear design engineering team continued to refine the initial system, resulting in the launch of the industry-standard patented Q™ wireline system in 1966.

We offer a complete range of genuine Q™ wireline coring system components including wireline tools, rods and casing, and coring bits.

Our Q™, Q™TK*, Q™3, Q™TT systems are designed to increase core recovery and productivity in any drilling condition, delivering greater efficiencies and reliability to the driller. Whether drilling a standard DCDMA hole or a project requiring a split tube to retrieve soft, highly fractured formations – the Genuine Q Wireline Coring System is proven to perform.

*NQTK also known as NQ2


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q-wireline-q wireline coring systemQ™

Q™ wireline coring systems are ideal for use in most drilling conditions and are available for application in standard DCDMA hole sizes (A, B, N, H, P). The standard system consists of the core barrel assembly and the overshot assembly. The core barrel assembly is composed of the inner-tube and outer-tube groups. The inner-tube group collects the core sample during the drilling process and is independent of the outer-tube group.



q-wireline-tk wireline coring systemQ™ TK*

With the goal of providing our customers a larger diameter core sample without increasing the hole diameter, Boart Longyear introduced the Thin Kerf (TK) wireline coring system option. Q™TK wireline systems are optimized to allow for a larger core sample while retaining the same hole, low fluid pressure, and robust inner and outer. Q™TK systems are offered in the A, B, and N sizes.

*NQTK also known as NQ2


q-wireline-3 wireline coring systemQ™ 3

The Q™3 wireline coring systems consist of the same groups as the Q™ and QTK but utilize a third tube called an inner-tube liner or split tube. The liner is placed inside the inner-tube. This system enables integral core recovery when drilling coal, clay bearing, or highly fractured formations. The liner, or spit tube, retains the core sample in its received state for easier loading into sample trays or for storage and subsequent presentation to the geologist. The Q™3 is available in N, H and P sizes.



wireline coring systemQ™ TT

The Q™ TT system is similar to the Q™3 system but includes a specialized core lifter case and bit. These components enable change in the water flow by creating a seal which routes water flow away from the inner-tube further improving core recovery. The Q™ TT utilizes a specially designed piloted core lifter case that improves core recovery and reduces core washing by directing fluid flow away from the ID of the core bit. Core bits are made for a 3-tube core barrel system and require face discharge ports or deep ID waterways.