blh_dth_hammersBLH™ DTH Hammer Series

Introducing the BLH™down the hole DTH hammer and bit line, designed to increase productivity in reverse circulation (RC) drilling and conventional drilling, the new BLH series can be used for geotechnical drilling, quarrying/mining, water well/geothermal, and mineral exploration. The BLH DTH hammer line includes the valved BLH5, BLH3, and the valve-less BLH1 models. A full line of Boart Longyear DTH bits are available to support the new BLH hammers.

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The BLH5 hammer series is the cutting edge of rock drilling technology offering high performance, outstanding reliability, simplicity, and low operating costs. The BLH5 hammer’s advanced design balances the piston and bit and transfers more energy into the face of the rock and less energy and vibration into the drill string and rig. The low cost, foot-valve free, and robust BLH5 bit delivers unmatched reliability and life to keep you in the hole.


BLH5 Series Features:

  • Balanced operation with minimal vibration
  • Superior productivity in various ground conditions
  • No problematic exhaust tubes (foot valves) on bits
  • Longer lasting large shank cross-section

BLH5-55RC Features:

  • Heavy duty and lightweight bit design
  • Reliable and durable collection tube
  • High-frequency cycle
  • Tri-Flow cuttings removal—evenly balanced air flow for better samples.

BLH1 Series Features:

  • Great balance of simplicity and performance
  • Robust reliable with minimal moving parts (valveless)
  • Reversible casing
  • Solid Piston
  • Industry standard bit shank

BLH3 Series Features:

  • High performance valved air cycle
  • Reliable and heat resistant steel valve system
  • Reversible casing
  • Solid piston
  • Industry standard bit shank