The Boart Longyear S36 rock drill is a powerful 114 mm diameter bore drifter-type drill with independently controlled rotation. Designed for deep hole drilling in both surface and underground applications, the S36 can be mounted to any suitable existing feed system, and can be mounted on screw and chain feed cradles for development tunneling, fan hole and ring drilled blast holes.

  • Remote control operation
  • Ideal for quarry benching as well as general purpose civil contracting
  • Superior engineering for extended life in tough conditions



Excellent drilling performance and economic air consumption.

Lube System

Internal lubrication system to give maximum component life.

High Torque

Powerful independently controlled gear type rotation motor provides greater torque for all drilling conditions.

Rotation Control

Hammer and rotation can be varied independently to match every drilling condition and to assist in coupling and uncoupling drill steels.

Flexible Mounting

Powerfeed screw feed cradle. chain feed for any suitable existing feed system.

IR Rock Drill Specification

Hole SizeMetricU.S.
Nominal Diameter35 - 89 mm1.38 - 3.5 in
Nominal Lengthup to 46 mup to 150 ft
Reamed Diameterup to 127 mmup to 5 in
Blows / Minute1630 @ 500 kPa1630 @ 72.52 psi
Air Consumption14 m 3 / min @ 500 kPa494.41 cfm @ 72.52 psi
Air Connection---1 1/4 in BSP
Rotation Motor---1 in BSP

Hose Requirements

Percussion Hose Diameter40 mm1.5 in
Rotation Hose Diameter25 mm1.0 in
Water Hose Diameter20 mm0.75 in
Air Consumption212 L/sec @ 7 bar450 cfm @ 100 psi


Frequency27 Hz @ 500 kPA27 Hz @ 72.5 psi
Bore114 mm4.49 in
Stroke86 mm3.39 in

Water Requirements

Minimum flow (flushing)37 L/min @ 5 bar max.10 gpm @ 70 psi max.

Rotation Torque (@ 120 rpm)

320 Nm @ 500 kPa236 ft lbs @ 73 psi

Shank Options

MaleR32, R38, HM38, HM45

Hole Size

Metric U.S.
Nominal Diameter 35-89 mm 1.38-3.5 in
Nominal Length up to 46 m up to 150 ft
Reamed Diameter up to 127 mm up to 5 in

Air Requirements

212 L/sec @ 7 bar
450 cfm @100 psi

Weights and Measures

Weight150 kg330 lbs
Length1,016 mm40 in

S36 Drifter

11 mm Water Tube
14 mm Water Tube

MK5 Feed Frame

2 Motor Options

Remote Control Option

High Capacity
Low Capacity

F61 Lubricator

With or without lubricator