Bits and Reamers

Boart Longyear’s bits and reamers feature carbide inserts manufactured for maximum strength, toughness and wear resistance. Available in standard hemispherical, parabolic, conical, and ballistic profiles.

High grade, heat treated steel bit bodies available in standard, retrac and straightrac design configurations.

The insert and steel combinations result is a diverse product offering delivering high penetration rates, low hole deviation, extended life, and increased productivity.

Reamers are available with patent-pending high productivity back cutting features.


Made from high-quality steel, Boart Longyear shanks are manufactured to provide optimal wear resistance, strength, and toughness to provide maximum energy transfer from the hammer to the drill string.

We carry a wide variety of products that provide compatibility with most standard hydraulic, pneumatic hammers.

Custom products are available upon request. 


Full range of accessories are available to maintain a high level of productivity:

  • Bit adapters
  • Guide adapters
  • Split set drivers
  • Nut drivers
  • Adapter couplings
  • Recovery tools



Top Hammer Drilling Tools Catalog

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Tungsten carbide button for percussive drilling safety data sheet

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