LF™160 Drill Rig & Freedom™ Loader

MARKETS: Mineral Exploration

Boart Longyear has combined proven technology from its most popular surface coring drill rigs to create the powerful LF™160. When paired with the FL262 FREEDOM™ Loader, the LF160 combination is ideal for contractors who want to target sophisticated surface drilling exploration contracts that stipulate some of the highest safety standards, without compromising on productivity.

  • Totally hands free rod handling
  • Optimal safety without compromising on productivity
  • Designed to today's rigorous CE standards
  • Up to 1,800 meters of NQ™ depth capacity

1. Tilting Top Drive Head

The forward tilting head design simplifies the rod handling process and reduces the need for operation intervention and maintenance.

2. Clamping and Breaking Device

A hydraulic breaking device means No Wrench Under Power. Rod Alignment Device and Centralizer included.

3. CE Certified

The LF™160 is CE certified according to the latest safety standards.

4. Visual Wireline

The wireline winch and sheaves are located in the front of the mast, inside the rotation barrier, for improved visibility.

5. Depth Capacity

With up to 1,800 meters of NQ™ capability, the LF160 can cover the majority of diamond coring needs.

6. Environmentally Conscious Tier 3 or 4 Engine

Offered with either a Tier 3 or 4 final engine to comply with emissions requirements in every country.

7. Versatility of Carriers

The LF160 can be ordered in either a crawler or truck mount configuration. The truck mounting is compatible with international 6x4 and Mercedes 8x8 or 6x6 trucks.

Drilling Capacity*

Diamond Core BQ™ / BRQ™ (BQ™ rod is rated to 1500 m depth)2,100 m6,900 ft
Diamond Core NQ™ / NRQ™ / NRQ™ V-Wall™1,800 m1,800 m
Diamond Core HQ™ / HRQ™ / HRQ™ V-Wall™1,250 m4,100 ft
Diamond Core PQ™ / PHD™ / PHD V-Wall™700 m2,300 ft
*The figures in this table have been calculated using torque and pulling capacity of the head with a fluid filled vertical hole and an effective rock tensile strength of 5 Mpa. Actual drilling results may vary and will be affected by in-hole tools, fluic level in the hole, subsurface conditions, drilling techniques, additives and equipment used.

Safety Design Standards and Highlights

Design StandardsEN ISO 16228
CE CertificationMachinery Directive 2006/42/EC
Rod HandlingHands Free when used with compatable Rod Loader
Interlocked Rotation BarrierRestricted Operation Mode
Noise LevelLw(A) =112 dB / Lp(A)=89 dB
Other Safety FeatureNo uncontrolled movement after a restart or Mode switch, Safety Cage, Deadman Buttons, Mode-switches, Emergency Stops, Head Rod Clamp, Breaking device, Beepers during tramming and more.

Prime Mover

Engine (option)Deutz TCD 6.1 L06 Diesel Engine Turbocharged, intercooled, 6.1 L displacement, inline 6 cylinder.
Emmissions complianceEU Stage IVEPA Tier 4 Final
Fuel Consumption @ Full Power40 L/hr10.5 gal/hr
Maximum Power @ 2300 RPM170 kW231 HP
Electrical Voltage24 V
Recommended max altitude of operation2,000 m6,560 ft
Engine (option)DEUTZ TCD 2013 L06 4V Diesel Engine Turbocharged, intercooled, 7.2 L displacement, inline 6 cylinder.
Emmissions complianceEU Stage IIIAEPA Tier 3
Fuel Consumption @ Full Power55 L/hr14.5 gal/hr
Maximum Power @ 2000 RPM227 kW304 HP
Electrical Voltage24 V
Recommended max altitude of operation4,500 m14,760 ft
Fuel Tank Capacity500 L132 gal

Hydraulic System

Primary PumpAxial Piston Pump with Power Regulator, Load Sensing and Pressure Requlator
Maximum Flow, Q1250 L/min66 gal/min
Maximum Flow, Q2195 L/min51 gal/min
Maximum Pressure300 bar4,300 psi
Auxilairy Pumps2 x Gear Pumps
Flow Q343 L/min11.3 gal/min
Flow Q436 L/min9.5 gal/min
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity600 L158 gal
PTO135 L/min @ 200 bar9.25 gal/min @ 2,900 psi

Rotary Head

ModelBoart Longyear™ LCH20
ConfigurationTop Drive, floating spindle, tilt-out with rod clamps
Number of Gear Speeds2 Speeds
Ratio 1st Gear13.22:1
Ratio 2nd Gear3.23:1
Head fine RPM controlMotor displacement adjustment
High Speed Torque @ RPM0.67 kNm @ 1,060 RPM 1.63 kNm @ 520 RPM496 ft-lbf @ 1,060 RPM 1,207 ft-lbf @ 520 RPM
Low Speed Torque @ RPM2.96 kNm @ 260 RPM 6.66 kNm @ 116 RPM2,190 ft-lbf @ 260 RPM 4,930 ft-lbf @ 116 rpm
Head Lubrication PumpSpeed Dependent. Driven by head rotation.
Head Lubrication Flow17 L/min @ 1000 rpm4.5 gal/min @ 1000 rpm
Floating Spindle: Inside Diameter25 mm25 mm
Floating Spindle: Floating Distance120 mm4.7 in
Tilt-out head90°90°
Head Mounted Rod Clamp Extension Distance840 mm33 in

Undercarriage Mount

Type20 ton - class
Crawler Width500 mm19.7 in
Crawler Track TypeSteel, 3 rib grouser plate
Max Driving Speed in (Low | High) gear2 km/h | 4 km/h1.25 mph | 2.5 mph
Maximum Grade (without support winch)20°

Truck Mount

7600 - 6x4 (with Pusher axle)
Mercedes ACTROS4143 AK 8x8
Mercedes ACTROS3343 AK 6x6 (6x4)

Rig Controls

Drilling ControlsPilot Hydraulic
Drilling Control Panel2 point positioning adjustment / height adjustable
Crawler Tramming ControlsRadio Remote Control
Digital Drilling Data DisplayWeight on bit / Head-rpm / Mud Flow / Wireline Depth
Hose ManagementEnergy Chain

Rod Clamping/Breaking Systems

Maximum Clamp Diameter178 mm7 in
Clamping Range60 mm - 178 mm2.4 in - 7 in
TypeHydraulically Closed / Hydraulically Opened
Power Failure ProtectionValved Accumulators
Maximum Holding Force (adjustable)196 kN44,000 lbf
Maximum Break Out Torque20 kNm14,750 ft-lbf
Centralizer SizesBQ™, NQ™, HQ™, PQ™, PW (other sizes available)
Clamp Jaw StyleFloating 2.5 mm - Coring Jaws
Rod Making Alignment Device60 mm - 178 mm2.4 in - 7 in

Drill Mast and Feed System

Drill Mast Feed MethodChain and Hydraulic Cylinder
Drill Mast Length9m29 ft 6 in
Feed Stroke Length6.7m22 ft
Fast Feed Speed - Up52 m/min170 ft/min
Feed Speed - Up12 m/min39 ft/min
Feed Speed - Down58 m/min190 ft/min
Max Pull Down Force90 kN20,230 lbf
Max Pull Back Force170 kN38,200 lbf
Mast Dump1.8 m5 ft 11 in
Maximum rod pull length6m20 ft
Drilling Inclination45° - 90° (vertical down)


Maximum pull on inner layer10.6 kN @ 210 m/min2,380 lbf @ 690 ft/min
Line Speedup to 360 m/minup to 1,180 ft/min
Cable Diameter6 mm0.24 in
Cable Capacity (6mm)2,200 m7,200 ft
Spooling deviceStandard
Max Lifting Capacity (for auxilliary use)250 kg550 lbs

Wireline Cleaner (air knife)

Air Compressor ModelDynaset HK 450 /8-14
Compressor TypeHydraulic Piston Compressor
Max Flow450 l/min @ 6 bar120 gal/min @ 87 psi
Max Pressure8 bar115 psi

Rod Loader Power Supply

Hydraulic PTO2 - Load Sensing95 L/min @ 250 bar
(200 L/min @120 bar)
25 gal/min @ 3625 psi
(53 gal/min @ 1740 psi)
Electrical Supply24 V

Dimensions - Crawler Mount

Weight (dry)21,000 kg46,520 lb
Width2,430 mm8 ft
Length10,900 mm35 ft 10 in
Height - road transport position3,100 mm10 ft 2 in
Width - container transport2,250 mm7 ft 5 in
Height - container transport2,590 mm8 ft 6 in

Dimensions - Truck Mount / Skid

Weight (dry)16,300 kg36,000 lb
Width - Skid2,490 mm8 ft 2 in
Length - Skid10,900 mm35 ft 10 in
Height - Skid3,250 mm10 ft 8 in
Height - Road Transport (from truck platform)2,700 mm8 ft 10 in
Length - Base Frame (for truck platform connection)6,500 mm21 ft 4 in
Width - Container Transport2,250 mm7 ft 5 in
Height - Container Transport2,590 mm8 ft 6 in

Dimensions - Job Site 90°

LF™160 Crawler Mount with Rod LoaderMetricU.S.
Width3,500 mm11 ft 6 in
Length17,000 mm55 ft 10 in

Dimensions - Job Site 45°

LF™160 Crawler Mount with Rod LoaderMetricU.S.
Width3,500 mm11 ft 6 in
Length18,500 mm60 ft 9 in

Base Assembly

LF™160 Crawler Mounted - Fixed Height Control Panel
LF™160 Crawler Mounted - Variable Height Control Panel
LF™160 Truck Mount - Mercedes
LF™160 Truck Mount - International

Engine Group

Tier 4 Final - Deutz Engine
Tier 3 - Deutz Engine

Mud Pump

Option 1:
Pump TypeFMC W1122 Triplex Piston Pump
Valve TypeBall Valves
Flow160 L/min42 gal/min
Pressure69 bar1,000 psi
Option 2:
Pump TypeFMC L1118 Triplex Piston Pump
Valve TypeBall Valves
Flow115 L/min30 gal/min
Pressure76 bar1,100 psi

Pressure Washer / Mist Pump

Pump ModelDynaset HPW200
Flow30 L/min8 gpm
Pressure200 bar2,900 psi

Hands-Free Rod Handling

Standard: LF™160 Power Conections for Freedom™ Loader
Option: Freedom™ Loader FL262

Other Options

Option: Drilling Platform
Option: Handrails
Option: Folding Rod Storage
Option: Vandal Covers
Option: Weather Shelter
Option: Tool Box
Option: Electric Fuel Pump
Option: Central Lubrication System
Option: Mud Mixer
Option: Commisisoning