MARKETS: Mineral Exploration

The MDR700 underground coring mobile drill rig is a powerful rig that utilizes proven Boart Longyear™ underground exploration technology like the 700 feed frame and offers wide drilling angles, quick and easy setup, operation, and maintenance, advanced mobility, and engineered safety controls.

  • Powered by a 90kW electric motor
  • Delivers 81.4kN of pull back
  • Get to the target productively in all coring diameters up to HQ™
  • High-pressure oil and gear-rack assistance to effortlessly break rod joints
  • Extremely wide drilling angles and impressive reach
  • Remote controlled positioner for quick and easy set up
  • Three steering modes for advanced mobility



A time-saver when moving from hole to hole with unique maneuvering features like three available steering modes: four-wheel, two-wheel, and crab-like movement.


Positioning is quick and easy using a handheld remote controller. Rig moves are faster and easier with the four-wheel drive diesel- engine powered carrier.


Maintenance-friendly layout provides easy access for service.


The breakout system on the drill head uses a high-pressure oil and gear rack assistance to effortlessly break rod joints.


Integrated positioner and slew drive articulation allows for 270 degrees of horizontal movement and vertical up to vertical down drilling range with ease.


Semi-automated rod handling includes smart hydraulics with synchronized control between the rotation unit and foot clamp for faster and safer rod handling.


The optional Drill Control Interface (DCi), semi-automates drilling and provides a fully electronic interface to safely and efficiently operate both the drill rig and the rod handler.

Drilling Depth Guidelines

Drill Rod / Core BarrelHole Depth - MetricHole Depth - U.S.
NOTE: Depth capacity includes allowance for force required to break core using 10 MPa rock strength
*ARQ™TK capacity shown for comparison purposes only. It is not recommended drilling practice to drill over 1500 m depth (ARQ™TK)

Drill Specifications

Feed Frame (700 Series)MetricU.S.
Feed Stroke1800 mm70.9 in
Max. rated pushing force53.9 kN @ 28.5 MPa12117 lbf @ 4130 psi
Max. rated pulling force81.4 kN @ 28.5 MPa18299 lbf @ 4130 psi
Rated carriage speed0.70 m/s per complete cycle2.3 ft/s per complete cycle
Normal rod handling speedApproximately 6 m/min.*Approximately 19.7 ft/minute*
* Actual rod handling speed may vary with working conditions. Handling speed includes rod handler operation time as part of the cycle.

Chuck and Rod Holder

 HQ™ ChuckHQ™ Rod Holder
Maximum opening97.0 mm (3.82 in)
Diameter corresponding to the ID of the HQTM guide bush
97.0 mm (3.82 in)
Diameter corresponding to the ID of the HQTM guide bush
TypeClosed hydraulically
Opened mechanically
Automatic synchronization with rod holder
Closed mechanically
Opened hydraulically
Automatic synchronization with chuck, including override provision
Jaws3 with tungsten carbide inserts2 with tungsten carbide inserts
Max. rated axial holding capacity85kN* (19109 lbf*)80kN* (17985 lbf*)
Max. rated static torsional holding capacityForward and reverse rotation
3900 N-m (2870 lbf*)
Forward and reverse rotation
3900 N-m (2870 lbf*)
* At 7 MPa (1015 psi) with new jaws and rods

Drill Head (HQ™)

Forward RotationMetricU.S.
Chuck Speed1300 RPM, continuously variable (Speed will vary with oil type and temperature and is approximate only).
Chuck torque output371 N-m @ 1250 RPM
1030 N-m @ 500 RPM
274 lb-ft @ 1250 RPM
760 lb-ft @ 500 RPM
Reverse Rotation
Chuck SpeedLimited to help prevent rod thread damage.
Chuck torque output3770 N-m with break-out
device @ 28.5 MPa
2781 lb-ft with break-out
device @ 4130 PSI


ManitouPerkins 854E-34TA Diesel Engine*
Power75 kW*102 hp*
Speed7.5 km/h4.7 mph
Max. lateral gradient5%
Max. longitudinal gradient uphill15%
Max. longitudinal gradient
* Actual engine type and related power output may vary depending on country of destination and related engine emission regulations.

Control System

System type: PLC based with PWM control (only available with optional DCi)
Control components: IFM, Hydac, Rexroth, Wandfluh

Hydrostatic Pumps

Main PumpsMetricU.S.
TypeVariable displacement, axial piston with pressure compensated load sensing control
ManufacturerParker PV
Operating conditions as used
on MDR700 drill:
Maximum pressure
28.5 MPa, forward rotation, reverse rotation, rod handling4130 PSI, forward rotation, reverse rotation, rod handling
Recirculation PumpOil cooling pump
TypeGear, fixed displacement
ManufacturerParker PGP
Normal speed1480 RPM @50 Hz
1780 RPM @60 Hz
Hydraulic tank volume200 L53 Gal

Wireline Hoist

Variable speed hydraulically driven
TypeAll hydraulic with proportional controlled power up and power down. Free wheel override and spooling device included.
Line Pull
Bare Drum13.57 kN3050 lb
Full Drum5.59 kN1257 lb
Line Speed
Bare Drum0 - 100 m/min0 - 328 ft/min
Full Drum0 - 254 m/min0 - 254 m/min
Drum Capacity
5 mm5 mm2854 ft
3/16”950 m3117 ft
6 mm600 m1968 ft
1/4”535 m1755 ft
Please note that the standard wireline sold with unit is 600 m (1971 ft.). Actual target depth is dependent on the wireline cable length and drum capacity is greater, relative to the width of the cable.