TruCore™ Core Orientation System

MARKETS: Mineral Exploration

TruCore is an easy-to-use, highly accurate core orientation system featuring wireless communication, a corrosion-resistant steel body, and a field replaceable battery.

  • TruCore provides the accurate data and results that your mining clients count on.
  • Improve driller health and safety with reduced manual handling time and a better ergonomic position when reading core orientations.
  • Contact Us! It’s easy to switch and start using TruCore today. TruCore is available in Australia and Latin America now.



1. Core Orientation is Easier with TruCore

There’s no need to disassemble the tool to obtain an orientation mark. Plus, highly visible LEDs direct alignment which is ideal for bright daylight, low light and underground operations.

2. Highly Visible LEDs

Flashing, highly visible LEDs make it easy to direct alignment.

3. High Quality Extension Barrel

TruCore's extension barrel is made of the highest quality steel.

4. Increase Drill String Reliability

Use the optional full-length extended outer tube to eliminate the need for additional extension barrels therefore reducing the number of joints in the drill string.

5. PQ™ Adapter

Boart Longyear’s PQ adapter allows the HQ tool to cover both sizes, reducing the need to rent both a PQ and an HQ tool.

6. Easy-to-read screen

Backlit screen is easy-to-read, even in different light situations.

7. Accuracy

Each tool is calibrated and checked with precision measuring equipment, ensuring correct results your mining clients count on.

Core Sizes

BQ, BQTK, NQ, NQ2, NQ3, HQ, HQ3, PQ, PQ3, LTK60


Length x Width x Height546 x 420 x 203 mm
Approximate WeightB: 10.4kg, N: 14.4kg, H/P: 19.9kg
Downhole Instrument
Outside DiameterB: 43mm, N: 55.6mm, H/P: 73mm
LengthB: 408.5mm, N: 424.5mm, H/P: 440mm
WeightB: 2.2kg, N: 4.0kg, H/P: 6.75kg
Length x Width x Height 110 x 63 x 31 mm


Range0° to ± 85° dip
Accuracy±5° RMS

Temperature Rating

Downhole InstrumentOperating -30°C to +80°C
HandheldOperating -20°C to +50°C

Depth Rating

Maximum Depth4216m
Housing Pressure41.4 MPa (6000psi)


Downhole InstrumentUser Replaceable, Non-rechargeable Lithium
StorageUp to 10 years
Normal Use3 months
HandheldRechargeable Lithium Ion
Normal Use1 Week per Full Charge



Kit Contents

1Extension Barrel
22 x TruCore™ Tools
32 x Spare Batteries
4Level Finder
5Car Charger
6O-ring Replacement Kit
7User Guide & Certificate of Conformance
82 x Inner Tube Adapters with Check Valve Installed
9Allen Key*
10Handheld Charging Dock
11TruCore™ Handheld Unit
12Power Pack with Electrical Cord
*Note: An Allen Key is not supplied with B size Tools