DTH downDown the Hole (DTH) Percussive Bits

Boart Longyear’s robust DTH bits are designed to extend bit life and in-hole drilling time with hardened premium steel alloy and tungsten carbide bits. Optimized flushing holes and multiple face designs provide the ideal design for each application. Boart Longyear’s DTH Bits use shank and spline configurations matching most industry-trusted DTH hammers.

Maximum Performance & Durability

Boart Longyear’s DTH bits are the highest quality in the industry, providing long life and reliability. The bits utilize premium hardened steel alloy for the bit body and premium tungsten carbide button inserts to provide exceptional durability and more time down the hole. The hardened steel properties improve shank wear resistance and manage bit body wash. The Tungsten carbides allow for multiple re-sharpenings and overall longer bit life.

Multiple Shank Designs

Boart Longyear offers several different shank configurations for use with the most popular industry DTH hammers. This includes different spline counts, diameters and lengths. The bits include foot valves where required.

Optimized Product Offering

Boart Longyear has developed bits with a wide range of gauge diameters, various face configurations, and flushing hole geometries to provide the right design for the application need. Utilizing long standing bit design strategies, the new offering is sure to provide the right bit for any specific application.

Product Features:

  • Premium hardened steel alloy
  • Premium tungsten carbide buttons
  • Optimized flushing holes
  • Multiple shank and face designs
  • Various face and spline configurations

Down the Hole (DTH) Bits
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