RST ™ SeriesRST™ Series Rods and Bits

The Robust Standard Thread (RST™) Series rock drill and blast rods and bits offers industry-leading strength and penetration rates. The RST Series incorporates a larger rod cross-sectional transition area as well as an increased bit skirt length. This delivers improved impact efficiency for faster penetration rates, increased rod tip-off resistance, and reduced hole deviation. The RST Series allows for interchangeability with standard rods and bits for improved flexibility in the field, unlike competitive offerings, which utilize unique thread designs.

Product Features:

  • Larger Cross-Sectional Transition Area
  • Improved Impact Efficiency for Faster Penetration Rates
  • Increased Rod Tip-Off Resistance
  • Less Hole Deviation

RST™ Series Rods and Bits
Robust Standard Thread Series Product Overview