Fraudulent Recruitment Scams

Boart Longyear has become aware of recruitment scams run by individuals claiming to be Boart Longyear employees, posting supposed Boart Longyear job openings, creating fake offers of employment and requesting money for background checks, permit applications, or other similar services which they say are required for employment at Boart Longyear. Typically these job offers are posted through Facebook, WhatsApp, online job boards, and local online communities. Please DO NOT respond to these postings or to any request for money in relation to employment with Boart Longyear.

Be aware of the following:

All legitimate Boart Longyear career opportunities are available ONLY through the Boart Longyear website: as Boart Longyear DOES NOT use Facebook or WhatsApp as authorized recruitment tools.

Applications for employment with Boart Longyear DO NOT require money or compensation for any reason.

If the job offer seems unprofessional (i.e. is not through the official website, uses a low-resolution logo or photos, uses poor grammar, or is not communicated through official Boart Longyear email addresses or phone numbers), it is likely part of a recruitment scam.

If you have been a victim of this type of scam or have been in contact with such individuals, please send an email to, including as much information as possible about your interaction (where you encountered the individuals, the dates of your communications, what was communicated to you, etc.). We will treat all reports seriously and take any action possible to fight against those fraudulent schemes. Please be aware that Boart Longyear is not responsible for the actions of these individuals and cannot compensate for any potential or actual loss as a result of these scams. If you have paid any amount of money to these individuals, we strongly encourage you to file a report with the local police authorities as this is a criminal offense.

If you would like to verify whether or not a job listing is legitimate, please send your inquiry to If you are interested in a career with Boart Longyear, your application must be submitted through This site will allow you to search for open positions, upload your CV/resume, and apply for positions you’re interested in.