Effective Face Design

Boart Longyear bits are optimized for drilling results in challenging ground conditions. Each design strikes a balance of flushing, gauge- and face-button wear, life, and rate-of-penetration.

• Convex for higher penetration rates.
• Concave for straighter holes.
• Flat for easy sharpening and maintenance.

Diameters range from 110 to 190 mm (4.3 to 7.5 inches)


Industry Preferred Shanks

QL/QLX 12-spline shanks. Make the switch to the most solid and wear-resistant in the market.

Tubeless - No Foot Valves

Bits for the BT hammers 100% without foot valves. Maximizes reliability by eliminating a plastic weakness. 5” and 6” bits provided with an optional foot valve to fit traditional tubed hammers.

Premium Carbide Inserts

Fine-tuned hardness and toughness to increase carbide life. Supports multiple re-sharpenings to amplify bit life. Choose between ballistic and hemispherical inserts.




DTH Catalog

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