MARKETS: Mineral Exploration

The Drill Control Interface (DCi) provides drilling contractors a fully electronic interface to safely and efficiently operate underground drilling equipment. The DCi ™ is a substantial step for increasing safety on-site by moving the driller away from moving parts and hydraulic hoses.

  • Increases productivity by allowing driller to operate rig and rod handler from a distance
  • Compatible with LM™75 and LM™90 - existing LM™ series drill rigs can be retrofitted
  • Features one-touch rod feed and pull functionality
  • Integrated system controls provide immediate feedback of drilling conditions
  • Data logging for easier report analysis



1. Operator Control Panel

Stainless steel construction housed in a lightweight and portable aluminium frame. Control layout includes a 7” Colour Screen and has been designed to ensure easy operator transition from pilot hydraulic to electric controls. Dual joysticks allow both rig and the latest version LM Rod Handler to be operated from a single control console for added ease and efficiency.

2. Rig Upgrade Kit

A range of sensors control the automated functions and monitor all critical drilling parameters, returning this information back to the operator control panel for processing and retention.

3. DCi Hydraulics Module

A ‘bolt-on’ assembly containing all IO Modules and, hydraulic manifolds. Can be easily regressed to the original pilot hydraulic control console functionality if required.

4. Perimeter Laser Protection

Auto shutdown when security laser is breached, keeping workers safe from drilling operation hazards.

Operation Functions

Unattended DrillingDrilling within Predetermined range c/w Auto Rechuck
“One Touch” Rod PullSemi-Automatic Single Rod Pull including joint breaking
“One Touch” Rod FeedSemi-Automatic Single Rod Feed including joint tightening
Rod Handler*Integrated Rod Handler Controls
Controllable Drilling ParametersSupervisor “Settable” Parameters via USB Upload
Data LoggingUSB Download of System Drilling Data
*PWM Rod Handler required

Operational Controls

Control Panel ConstructionFreestanding Stainless enclosure, Lightweight Aluminium Support Frame
Display Type7” IFM Colour Display Screen
Drilling ControlTwin Electronic Joystick and Control Switches
Rod Handler*Single Station Drilling/Rod Handler Control
*PWM Rod Handler required

Display Information

RotationRotation Pressure/Torque [bar <> psi] and Speed [rpm]
Drilling PressuresFeed Pressure [bar <> psi] and Holdback Pressure [bar <>
Water PumpFlowrate [lpm <> gal/min] and Water Pressure [bar <> psi]
Feed RateDrilling Penetration Rate [mm/min <> in/min]
Bit WeightDrilling Force [kNf]
WirelineSpeed [rpm] and Total Count [revs]
Diagnostics and AlarmsOn-Screen System Diagnostics and Alarm Messages

Rig Upgrades

Rotation Unit SensorsRotation Speed and Rod “Stick Out” Monitoring
Load Sense ReliefControlled Load Sense Limiting function for Feed and Rotation
Water Pump SensorsRotation and Pressure Monitoring
Wireline CounterDirectional Capable Rotation Count Sensing
Perimiter Laser ProtectionMultifunction Tri-Colour Indication of Rig and Perimiter Clear Status
Aluminium Body Water SwivelNon Contact End of Rod Detection for Auto Functions

Hydraulic and Control System

Head Position FeedbackNon Contact Linear Transducer, IP67 Rated
Feedframe Hose ManagementBulkhead Controlled & Sleeved Hose Movement
Rod End “Stick Out” DetectionNon Contact Rod End Sensing and “Stick Out” Control
PLC ControllerIFM CAN based Mobile Controller, IP67/e1 Rated
ElectroHydraulic ControlPWM Electronic Pilot Pressure Control Valves
Robust SystemIP67 Embeded Control System and Components